Wolf Song II

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DISCLAIMERS: The character of Chakotay belongs to Paramount, but the poem
is my creation.

Wolf Song II

by Carly Hunter
copyright 1996

I am older now
And still She is with me
More constant than a lover
More faithful than I
I did not remember every detail
I forgot much
And I saw the hurt in her eyes.

When my father died, She came.
I apologized.
She felt the heaviness of my heart
She licked the tears from my face
She forgave me.
Now, we run through the stars
Sometimes hunting
Sometimes fleeing
Always Fighting
To survive
To save what is left of our pack.

One day
When the battles end
We will return home.
I will be as grey as She.
We will walk beside the stream
We will share a meal
We will cry to the moon.
And when the fire dies
I will stretch out on the cold ground, She, beside me
And we will await the dawn together.

Let it be so.


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