Wolf Song III

Disclaimers: The character of Chakotay belongs to Paramount, but the poem is
my own creation.

Author’s note: When I first wrote Wolf Song I&II, I hoped to write a third
poem to cover what I saw as three major points in Chakotay’s
life: going into Starfleet, joining the Maquis, and coming
aboard Voyager. Whether this “series” will go on to include
other moments which have yet to occur, I am not sure, but for
now this is it.

Wolf Song III

by Carly Hunter
copyright 1997

She is still with me.

Seventy thousand lightyears
Cannot diminish Her

I wait in a cross-legged silence
The smooth stone in my hand
A gift of the flowing river
The black wing before me
A gift from a dead brother
The prayer on my lips
My gift to Her

She pads her way
Across the floor

Ice-blue eyes speak,
Into the corridor.

I follow

We walk
Deck after deck
Each a life
Each a circle

A child joined us recently.

Others will follow.


The furred head tosses
She gives no answer
She is no fortune-teller
She reads only my spirit

We stop before my quarters
One circle is complete
No longer hunter
No longer hunted
I am back

At the beginning

She is still with me.


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