I’m sorry I waited so long and wish I could have come up with something
sooner.. It’s a poem,
Chris McNeair

How can I find the words
to tell you how I feel
when I can’t even say how much I care about you
when I don’t realize how much you’ve changed my life
when I can’t even describe what you mean to me
how you filled the void in my middle
making me feel whole again

It’s so hard to find the words
when I’m looking into your eyes
I know you understand me
I see that
but I need to tell you
need to speak, but my mouth fails me again
and I am standing before you
wanting to say how I feel
but I just can’t find the words.

Please direct any comments, and creative critizims to:
mack3@ix.netcom.com. Paramount owns the characters and I’m just
borrowing them, the story is mine, copyright Cm97. Thanks Chris 🙂


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