FREE Graphic Novel, “Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope”

Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope (Cover & Title Page)

People Magazine Article (Jan 12, 1976)


Attached is the front cover and title page of a 200-page manuscript that I’ve written and illustrated called, “Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope.”  I’m offering it as a free download at  Here’s the URL.  (The file’s too large to send as an email attachment.)

This is an historic cross-over, featuring the two great titans of Science Fiction.  I invite you to review it for your readers.  If you like it, it’s my hope that you’ll post the link on your website so that they can enjoy it as well.  All I want is for people to read it.

I earned my Star Trek credentials in 1974 when I co-founded the Federation Trading Post, with stores in Berkeley, California, and New York City.  It was the first retail store ever devoted to a television series.  For background, I’ve also attached a People Magazine article they published about us at the time.  (They miss-labeled the eel-bird from Regulus V sitting on my shoulder as a Tribble, and received the most mail about any article that they had published up until that time, from fans pointing out their mistake.)

Live long and prosper,

Chuck Weiss



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