In the Face of Logic

Chapter 1:

The Introduction


Doctor Pek was sitting quietly in his quarters, attempting to meditate and reflect on the previous week’s events. They found a cryostasis pod floating in space and decided to retrieve it. They found that a Human woman occupied it, but initial queries were ineffective. They did, however, end up getting her name – Aeryn. He did not know what had her so apprehensive. Her behavior was erratic and paranoid and she was showing little to no progress in trusting the crew. She seemed to be under the impression that this was all an elaborate trick conceived by the Romulans. He was distracted. He could not concentrate on his meditations. The chime to his quarters rang, and so he decided to postpone his meditations for a later time.


“Doctor, have you made any progress with our recent passenger?” It was Captain Velak.

“I regret to say that there has been very little progress, Captain.” Pek stood up to stand at eye level with his superior.

“Yes, I read as much in your last report.”

Captain Velak handed him a datapad and placed his hands behind his back. Pek scanned the information and then looked back to the Captain. Pek was disconcerted. It appeared that Captain Velak wanted another to help him with Aeryn, but the suggested person was not a medical officer.

“You want to assign Lieutenant Vorik as an assistant? I request clarification.”

“Lieutenant Vorik served on a Human ship for several years. He understands their behavior to a more efficient degree than any other officer on board. He will no doubt help to expedite your efforts.”

“Understood Sir.” Pek understood the logic behind the Captain’s decision. It made sense to induct the only person on board who could determine her behavior. He had been wanting to discover her ailments and treat them himself, but he never knew the Captain to make uneducated or poor decisions.

“You will rendezvous with Lieutenant Vorik in sickbay at 0700 tomorrow morning. You may return to your meditations, Doctor.” He left just as quickly as he had entered. It would seem that Pek had some adjustments to make. He was unaccustomed to working with non-medical staff. An engineer would be a most interesting diversion.

He knew he would be unable to focus on his meditations so instead, he thought he might return to sickbay. It was considerably late so most of the other officers would have already gone to their quarters for the evening, yet he was unsure if Aeryn would be awake. He knew Humans required more sleep than Vulcans, but she was an unknown entity according to their scans. Initial scans revealed some very unusual data but of course, she was reluctant to explain it. He was still mulling his thoughts when he was stopped by a fellow crew member.

“Doctor, here’s the preliminary data that you requested.” It was Doctor Kedek, his assistant. He reached out and took the datapad. “Nothing substantial yet, but there are some promising theories. If this woman would be more cooperative then we might be able to help her.”

“Yes, Kedek. It will be addressed tomorrow.” The younger man nodded and continued on his way. Pek looked over the datapad, slowly moving forward in tandem when something caught his eye. According to this data, the woman in their sickbay was 395 years old. He stopped; puzzled. How could this be? He picked up his pace until he reached the turbo-lift and took it to deck ten.

Aeryn was asleep when he entered sickbay, so he kept the lights dim. He had no intention of waking her only to listen to another one of her emotional outbursts. He walked over to the medical computer and compared Kedek’s data. He quietly scanned Aeryn with a medical tricorder, which had been recalibrated for better results, only to see the same thing. This woman was almost four centuries old. Had she been in that pod the entire time? If so it would most definitely explain why she did not recognize him as Vulcan. Perhaps she had never seen a Vulcan. This piqued his curiosity. Now he did want to wake her and speak with her, but given the nature of the situation, he decided against it. He knew the morning would bring more interesting facts; he only needed to wait. Perhaps he would be able to return to his meditations now that he had seen something new, or perhaps he would simply allow himself to sleep.


Pek opened his eyes once the computer alerted him it was 0600, and he sat up. Normally he would have already been out of bed and in the sonic shower, but he was feeling subpar. He cleared his throat and forced himself upward. He was unaccustomed to illness as he had always been a healthy person. He made his way to his restroom, meaning to start his routine but he stopped once he noticed his reflection. He looked very unwell. He had also made the mistake of sleeping in his uniform. This did not seem to be a very positive beginning to his day. He simply did not make these mistakes. Perhaps Velak was right in enlisting Lieutenant Vorik’s assistance, as it seemed he had worked himself into an unfit state. He pushed his wandering thoughts to the back of his mind and continued getting ready for the day. Once he had accomplished that, he set out of his quarters and made his way to sickbay.

He noticed Aeryn was still asleep, and the Lieutenant was already waiting for him. Very punctual. After he greeted him, he began going through his datapads. There was so much benign information to sift through. He set the pad down and turned his attention to Vorik.

“You have extensive experience with humans. What do you make of her behavior? Is it typical?”

“In this particular situation, that is very likely.” He answered. Vorik walked over to Aeryn’s biobed and looked down upon her. He reached for a tricorder and started recalibrating it, no doubt attempting to succeed where Pek had failed. “We will need to further recalibrate our tricorders. The readings are still inconclusive. At this point all we are getting from this is that she is, in fact, alive.”

“It’s as I thought then. No effect. Then we will need to wait until she wakes to reattempt questioning. That may prove to be more successful, even though previous attempts have been less so.” Pek scrunched his face ever so slightly. His headache was increasing in intensity. He picked up a hypospray and injected himself, and the relief was instantaneous. The rest of his symptoms would dissipate as the medicine took further effect. Pek and Vorik continued calibrating the medical equipment and going over the medical data they could get. Once they had completed that, they waited for over an hour, assuming Aeryn would wake before long, but it seemed she was just as stubborn in her dream state as she was in her waking state.

“I believe we should be able to wake her at this time. She has been asleep for several hours. She must wake to take nutrients. Lieutenant, if you would?” Pek motioned for Vorik to use the stimulant he had prepared.

He monitored Aeryn for a few moments, looking over what readings he could get from the biobed, and then sat down directly across from her. She slowly opened her eyes, squinting at the bright light, and then turned her face over to the side. She cleared her throat and then spoke.

“Where am I?” Her voice was weak, hoarse, and her speech was barely coherent. She tried to get up but was met with extreme resistance from her weakened state.

“You are still in sickbay. Do you remember anything at all from yesterday? ”

“Yesterday? I can’t remember much. I don’t feel well.” She turned her gaze to meet his, her eyes now widened in what appeared to be either shock or surprise. “I remember now. Why am I still here?”

“You are ill and we are trying to treat you. We are having difficulties with our medical equipment and we cannot properly scan you. Do you know what might be causing this?” Vorik stood near her as well, his hands placed behind his back in a relaxed state.

“Who are you?” She seemed even more unnerved at seeing the Lieutenant. She tried to sit up again but still could not muster enough strength.

“I am Lieutenant Vorik. I have been asked to assist with your recovery.”

“There’s nothing wrong with…your equipment. It’s me… I just need…I need…” She sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

“Do you require food?” Vorik walked over to the replicator in anticipation of her response, but it never came. Instead, she lost consciousness.

“We will have to start an intravenous method to keep her body nourished. Perhaps we can try again later.” Pek returned to his datapad.

“Very well. I will return when she wakes.”

Pek tried to lose himself in the datapad he had just picked up to review but he could not focus. He was certain that his illness would have been cured by now, but it appeared that it was intent on lingering. He stood up and walked over to his medical station opposite of Aeryn’s biobed and began computing analysis. He still had a few other crew member’s illnesses to consider. Lieutenant Selora was undergoing treatment for a rash she had picked up from a mission just days ago. Sub-Commander Tajak had injured himself in the holodeck and was undergoing multiple surgeries to correct the issue. Chief Engineer Kosak was being treated for an allergic reaction from the same planet Selora had been to. They all seemed to be adjusting to their treatments accordingly, which was very positive news.

Pek continued his work while monitoring Aeryn’s situation. She was responding well to the intravenous nutrition. He diverted his attention from his patient to sterilizing medical equipment. He turned to pick up his protein analyzer when he was suddenly pushed into the back wall. Startled, he turned to see that Aeryn had emerged from her biobed and had ripped the nutrient tubes from her arms.

“Let me go, Romulan . I want off this ship now!” Her voice was no longer hoarse and weak. Now it was demanding and powerful.

“I am not Romulan. I am Vulcan. You cannot leave. We are on a deep space mission; on the edges of the Alpha Quadrant. We are months from any civilized planets.”

She laughed in disbelief. “Vulcan? You’re supposed to be a Vulcan? No, I don’t think so. You’ve tried this trick before, remember? It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.”

“I am not misleading you –” He was interrupted when he felt a sudden force grip him and push him into a corner and then several feet up the wall. He did not know how to respond to this. It appeared she possessed some sort of telekinetic ability.

“I do have to give you credit though. You’ve pulled off an emotionless husk much better this time around, but it’s not going to save you.” She walked over to him and stretched her hand outward, spreading her fingers and aimed directly at him. As a result, he was pushed so far up the wall that he was nearly on the ceiling. He was having difficulty breathing. He had no other choice but to tap his com badge.

“Sickbay to security. I require immediate assistance. The Human –”

“No!” She yelled and immediately released him. He fell to the floor and she ran out of sickbay.

“Doctor Pek? Is there an issue?” Security Chief Daval was waiting for his response.

“Yes. The Human woman has gotten loose. She is displaying hostility and has telekinetic abilities. She must be apprehended.”

“Acknowledged,” Daval answered.

Pek grasped his throat and massaged it, gently trying to ease the extreme discomfort he had just experienced. He was disconcerted with Aeryn’s abilities, though it might explain why they could not get a solid reading of her. He forced himself upward and gripped the side of the biobed. He knew he had something that could be of assistance in this situation, so he grabbed his medkit and left sickbay. He tapped his com badge. “Have you found her yet? I have the means to subdue her.”

“Affirmative. She is in cargo bay 12. I have a security detachment with me.”

“Understood.” He made haste towards the rendezvous point but along the way, he saw quite a few injured crewmen. If they did not locate her quickly, then many more might find themselves in the same situation.

“Doctor Pek. Are you injured?” Daval looked at him, his phaser drawn openly.

“I am well. We must get to the cargo bay as quickly as possible. I am not sure of the full extent of this woman’s capabilities. However, I can say that she is under the impression that we are Romulans and as such is treating us with open hostility.”

“Romulans? That might explain her destructive behavior. Perhaps she has a negative history with them?” Daval held Pek back as some electrical components fell from the deck above them. They were frayed and discharging electrical currents.

“A debate for another time. Right now, we must focus on reaching her. I have something that will help but I must apply it directly to her skin.”

Pek felt Daval grasp his arm firmly in order to stop him.“That may not be possible. She is a direct threat to the ship and everyone on it. We may have no other option but to use force.”

“We have not reached that point yet. Has she killed anyone?” He shrugged his arm lose from the Security Cheif’s grip and kept walking towards the alternate turbo-lift.

“Negative. I received reports of injuries, nothing more.” Daval answered.

“Then she has already shown that she does not wish to kill, only to escape. She has nowhere to go. We are lightyears from any planets. I am certain once she is made aware of this that she will calm her disposition. I –” Before he could finish his sentence Daval pushed him away from an exploding conduit.

“Then let us hope she will continue to show that behavior.” Daval reached outward and guided Pek into the Turbo-lift, instructing the computer to close the doors. They waited calmly as they were transported up 6 decks. They heard a scream followed by vulgarities. They were nearing Aeryn’s position.

When they entered the cargo bay Pek was almost surprised by what he witnessed. Aeryn was clinging to the corner of the room, but she was three floors up. Nothing was suspending her. It was as if she had the ability of an insect or a small lizard in order to stay connected to the wall without support.

“Fascinating.” He exclaimed.

“Get away from me! I don’t want to hurt any of you but you’re leaving me with little option!” She wore the expression of rage, but also fear.

“We are not intent on causing you harm. You have misunderstood the situation.” Lieutenant Vorik was attempting to appeal to her better nature. If anyone could get through to Aeryn, it would be him.

“Oh really? So I’m not a prisoner on a Romulan ship? Maybe you’d like to clarify the situation.” Her demeanor shifted somewhat. Perhaps this might work.

“We are Vulcans. We may look similar to Romulans, but we are a very different race. Perhaps you would like to continue this conversation in a more appropriate environment?” Vorik maintained his composure well.

“Right! I’ll just come down there and we’ll have a chummy conversation! I think not, pretty boy .” She shifted her position and attempted to go through the vent at the top of the room, but she was stopped short by a phaser beam. Daval had been prepared. She choked and nearly lost her grip. She tried to move again but was shot again. This time she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Pek made haste to get near her and make sure she was not injured too greatly.

“You could have killed her.” Pek had always held his emotions close to the surface, much to the disappointment of his parents. However, in this situation, he believed he was correct in reprimanding the security chief.

“It was necessary. Now she can be brought to the brig.”
“The brig? She needs to be brought back to sickbay. I…” He trailed off as he noticed that both of her injuries had immediately healed themselves.

“Do you still think she needs to be brought to sickbay, doctor?” Daval holstered his phaser and looked down at him, perplexed.

“Yes, I do.” He picked Aeryn up and began his way back to sickbay. Hopefully the next time she woke up, she would be less confrontational.


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