Lt. Marissa Flores’ Personal Log A1

Lieutenant’s log, Stardate 2398.75


It was my first official day upon the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.  Needless to say, there is no doubt why this starship is the most coveted ship to be on.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a natural born leader, and he has a staff that is loyal to the end.  You learn this quickly.

My new position upon this fine vessel is Holodeck Engineer.  I am also a support engineer to Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge.  I am responsible for maintenance, upgrading, and total control of the 3 holodecks the Enterprise has.  I first became enamored with these machines shortly into my Starfleet training.   Reading was always a hobby of mine, but after discovering the holodeck, the “theatre of the mind” became a reality.  The holodeck created endless possibilities for my imagination’s musings.  They made them possible to live out my books and experience what the characters did.

Since Starfleet contracts are so lengthy, “shore leave” doesn’t come often (unless you visit Risa) so the holodeck provides a getaway for crew members.  It was quite an honor to be given this position.  Holodecks help people not only relax, but train, and learn.  The computer simulations are brilliant, but I love adding little quirks here and there to further enhance the experience of a crew member.  Stretching the limits of the computer has always been a fun challenge for me.

I have dreamed of being a crew member on this ship since I was 10 years old, so needless to say, this is a dream come true.  I’m excited about meeting the rest of the senior crew and seeing Captain Picard again.  I have a welcome dinner tonight with Ship Counselor Troi.  I hear she’s an empath so my guess is tonight’s conversations will be pretty one-sided.

[end log]


Lieutenant’s log, Stardate 2399.75


My second day above this starship proved to be just as interesting as the first.  My dinner with Counselor Troi went as well as expected.  She’s very kind and sympathetic, but it’s unnerving being around a Betazoid.  If you’re having a bad day, you can’t deny it.  I do feel comfortable talking to her, but I’m not much of a talker anyway.

Today was my first official day on duty.  I have served on 2 other starships on short term contracts, but the Enterprise will be my longest stint in my Starfleet career to date.  With over 1000 people on board, the holodecks are used quite often so repair and upgrades are a pretty constant basis.

I have yet to meet the other half of senior staff.  So far, Lt Cmdr LaForge, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Lt. Worf, and Counselor Troi seem to be about their wits and very intelligent people.  No wonder why they’re serving on this starship.  I am anxiously awaiting my meeting with Captain Picard.  He has been in arbitrary meetings with the Klingons.  Something about a new council leader is needed.  I suspect I will be able to meet with him some time this week.

Lt. Worf is the third Klingon I’ve met to date, and he has a very tough exterior.  During the tour he gave me, he very matter of fact and gruff about security policy and procedure.  Chief of Security fits him well, but he is quite intimidating.  I would hate to see him on a bad day if these are his good days.   He asked me if I was up to date on my Klingon training programs, as to which I lied.  I know very few, but trust me, it’s on the top of my list to learn.  Having Lt. Worf over my shoulder is not a place I’d like to be.

I will assisting LaForge tomorrow with last minute checks and preparations for our departure from Starbase 243 at the end of the week.

[end log]


Lieutenant’s log, Stardate 2401.5


I just met the most interesting person, per se, in my entire existence.  I knew the starship had an android, but it’s hard to grasp the word android until you meet one.  Lt. Cmdr. Data is quite a specimen.  I read about him during school, but nothing can really prepare you for meeting him.  His pale skin and yellow eyes are almost haunting, but at the same time he has such a kind and open demeanor.

I was updating new programs from the 19th century era, and he approached me to see and asked if I was installing better configurations for the AI characters.  I thought, “what an odd question.  Why would an android care about 19th century characters in a holodeck?”  He informed me the Sherlock Holmes programs were his favorite.  I’ll have to admit this caught me off guard.  I had no idea he “liked” the holodeck.  Data is an android, and the likes and wishes and desires of an android escape me.  Aren’t those human characteristics?  I took note of his suggestions and said I’d look into it.  I, myself, have been anxiously awaiting to actually use the holodecks for my own personal use.  The holodecks on the Enterprise are much more sophisticated, so experiencing my Tolkien programs or Shakespeare programs will be a step up.  Having to schedule my personal time for this has been quite a challenge, though.  LaForge is quite a stickler for docking preparations.  I only hope to be as thorough as him.

[end log]


Lieutenant’s log, Stardate 2404.75


Today was a fantastic day.  I was finally able to meet with Captain Picard, and it was outstanding getting to see him after all these years.  I had been a painfully shy science project winner the last time I saw him.  I remember that trip like it was yesterday.  At 12 years old, you don’t think about your mortality until you’re put in a falling Turbo-lift with 2 other younger kids and an injured man.  I’ll never forget Captain Picard’s integrity and patience that day.  Being called his Number 1 was one of the most flattering things that’s ever happened to me.  I know I’m only in my late teens and have more to learn, but not every kid can say they had a Commander’s rank at 10 years old.  I kept his ranking pins in hopes of returning them to him one day, either has his replacing Commander or as a crew member in general.  I feared he would get promoted to Admiral before I could finish my Starfleet training and resign his captain role.  Thank goodness for men like him who still yearn to learn and explore.

It’s men like him why I want to serve in the Federation.

[end log]


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