Drinking Game


by Joseph Anderson

All characters and situations from the show Star Trek: Voyager belong to
Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended with this fan fiction, which
may not be sold, may be copied for personal use only, and must contain all
notices of copyright.

Tom Paris was sitting at his usual table in Sandrine’s waiting for whoever might
show up. Several crew members were at tables of their own. None of his own
crowd had shown up yet though. The door opened and he saw 7 of 9, looking
around curiously. He was up on his feet instantly and waved to her. She didn’t
react so he went over to where she stood.

“Would you join me, 7 of 9?” he said smiling.

“Join you?” she said unemotionally.

“Come and sit with me. Socialize. That’s what this is: a computer program to
facilitate socializing.”

“All right.” He led the Borg back to his table. There were looks of course, but
since 7 of 9 had saved the ship from the V’dians, there was more than an
abundance of good will for her. Everyone knew no one chose to be assimilated
by the Borg, anyway.

“What would you like to drink? It is a customary activity of socializing.”

She looked at him, “Wild Turkey, straight up, with a Coors chaser.”

“Okay. This is synthahol, you know. It’s not the real thing though it’ll taste the
same and have the same effect. No hangover, I mean no after effects, though.”

“That is sufficient.”

Paris ordered another beer and their drinks arrived just as Harry Kim and
B’Elanna Tores arrived. They took their seats and their eyes widened at 7of 9’s

“I’ll have a beer,” Harry said.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” B’Elanna said. 7 of 9 looked at her and did not
touch her drink until the engineer’s had arrived. She looked directly in her eyes
and held the shot up; B’Elanna followed suit.

“Um, this is the kind of thing that officers shouldn’t do,” Harry said.

“Shut up, Harry,” B’Elanna said as she and 7 of 9 downed their shots of bourbon.

“Another round,” Tom said.

“So how do you like the ship so far?” B’Elanna asked 7 of 9.

“The Voyager is an excellent vessel. When it is assimiliated, it will serve the
Borg well.”

“Really?” B’Elanna said, as their drinks arrived. She raised her shot as did 7of 9
and they drank them down.

“I have been studying historical data. Isn’t it somewhat atypical for a female of
your age to be without a mate?” 7 of 9 said, just as the drinks arrived.

“No, not particularly, and I do not choose to be typical, anyway,” B’Elanna said
as she lifted her drink.

“That’s one way of looking at it,” 7 of 9 answered as she and B’Elanna threw
down the shots.

“Another round,” Tom said.

Harry took his arm and said furiously, “They shouldn’t be doing this. Even if
there’s no hangover, they feel it now. Anything can happen!”

“I’ll say,” Tom said, looking appreciatively at the two women.

B’Elanna raised her drink, “So” she said, “you a virgin? Had any machine love, 7
of 9?”

The Borg’s face was expressionless as she held her drink. “Virgin. The physical
condition of a human female before she experiences sexual intercourse. No, I am
not. Borg males can copulate for long periods, and when they finish another is
ready to take their place for as long as the female is receptive. Looking at you, I
surmise you are a virgin. Are you requesting my help?”

Harry and Tom both practically spit their beers out, and B’Elanna turned a
deadly look on them.

“No, I am not requesting your help.”

“So you are not a virgin?”

She looked at both Tom and Harry who were studiously not looking at her. She’d
started this and she had to finish it. “No, I’m not a virgin.”

“So you requested a male copulate with you and he consented?” 7 of 9 said. Tom
and Harry both got up and walked away from the table, practically choking.

“No, that wasn’t the circumstance. A male requested me and…I consented….
Let’s get another drink here!” She looked at 7 of 9. She could swear there was a
smirk there.

Harry and Tom came back to the table just as the drinks arrived. 7 of 9 and
B’Elanna held their drinks up.

“Perhaps if Mr. Paris drinks enough, he will consent to copulate with you,” the
Borg said and drank her shot down. B’Elanna choked and spit her drink out, her
face red.

7 of 9 stood up. “Resistance is futile,” she said, and walked to the door and exited
the program.

The End


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