Stories tagged with: b’elanna

11/24/12  Tags: , ,
Category: Voyager  By: catherine Galactic Traveler

Ro Laren joins the Maquis and gets her first assigment with B’Elanna Torres.

Amanda’s Voyage
07/13/04  Tags: , , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Bellana

Amanda grows up, and helps lead Voyager home, but not before taking a voyage of her own. Sequel to “Letters.”

Drinking Game
11/27/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Joseph Anderson

A sequel to One of the Collective. B’Elanna and 7 of 9 have a few drinks and discuss men.

09/14/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Emmy Odd

Kes picks up some jealous vibes off of B\’Elanna.

Four Bawdy Little Tales
06/26/97  Tags: , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: VoyWriter

Four amusing dirty ditties about Tom and B’Elanna’s efforts to bring the Captain and Commander together.