Data’s Journey

A summary and the first two chapters of my book are included below.  The third chapter on contains NSFW content.

You can download the entire book or read it on AO3

A free pdf adult fanfiction book about Data from Star Trek the Next Generation.  I wrote it because I recently saw the character on “Picard” and remembered how much I liked him, and the story just came to me.  It is a lovely arch of a life for him – my blowing kiss goodbye to the iconic character.
Data starts a relationship with a woman from a newly discovered planet. But what does she really want? Why she is really there? And is Data ready for the consequences?
If you like intrigue, adventure, romance, hot sex, harrowing situations, and deeply touching moments – this is YOUR book. Enjoy!
This book contains explicit, consensual, non-violent, sometimes kinky sex scenes, so it is for ADULTS (18+) ONLY!

Chapter 1


Data walked onto the bridge and saw Geordi looking up at a woman hovering in front of the
ceiling above him. Her back was to him, and she didn’t look down.
“Alright,” Geordi instructed, “now I need you to remove that ceiling panel. It’ll stick to
the one beside you.”
Data walked over and stood beside Geordi looking up at the woman.
“Now, you should see the lanyard coil. But you’ll need this tabor wrench to adjust it.”
As Geordi held up the instrument, it instantly shot out of his hand and into her outstretched
one. She had not looked down, nor even looked to see it reach her hand.
Adjustment made, she replaced the panel, then turned and floated down while looking
at the front of her uniform, attempting to brush the dust off it and muttering at the effort.
“Neara Na Ahta, this is Lieutenant Commander Data,” Geordi gestured in introduction.
Neara looked up, her striking indigo eyes falling on Data. She said under her breath “val na
ha” as she softly landed. Data heard, but did not recognize the language.
“Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Commander Data,” she said in her thick Ahmrian accent
while Geordi received a hail from engineering. He walked a few steps, taking his discussion
away from them.
“You need only call me Data. It is nice to meet you as well. That is a unique skill you
“Is nothing. All can do in Ahmria,” Neara waved the comment away.
“I see. Ahmria is a very new contact for the Federation and we are still learning about
your culture. But are you Starfleet? I do not see any insignia on your uniform,” Data stated.
“What is insignia?” Neara queried.
“The pips on your collar indicate your Starfleet rank,” he said, pointing at his pips, “but
you do not have any.”
She reached one hand up and ran a finger over her collar while extending the other to
Data’s collar and running a finger over his pips. Her sudden intimacy surprised him.
“No, I am not Starfleet. I am here only to help. They use me to reach high things!” she
Data smiled slightly and nodded. Geordi spoke up, “Na Ahta, I need to go to
engineering, so just do the same thing to panels eleven and twelve and come meet me there
when you’re done.”
“I will do,” responded Neara.
She looked back to Data, “I am not long on ship and do not know special places.
Would you show me these please?”
“Yes, of course,” Data replied.
“You do tonight?” she asked.
“Yes. I can meet you in the observation lounge at 1900 hours.”
“I also do not know many people on ship. May I meet your friends as well please?”
“Yes, I could ask them to join us in Ten Forward this evening.”
“That sound lovely. I see you then!” And with that, she floated up to the ceiling to finish
her work while Data went to his station.

Chapter 2


Neara greeted Data with a beaming smile and he took her to tour the ship.
He showed her the holodecks, the arboretum, the anti-gravity chamber, which she
would never use, the gymnasium, and other rooms for various leisure activities. He also told
her of the regular concerts, painting, and sculpture classes. Although she was not human, he
went on the assumption she might appreciate human recreation.
While they walked, she asked him questions about where he was from, how long he
had been in Starfleet, how long he had been on the Enterprise, would he live on Earth or
another planet someday, what entertainment he liked, and so on. He realized she was trying
to get to know him, and he asked her questions in kind.
They arrived at Ten Forward to find Geordi, Troi, and Riker at a table waiting for them.
Data went to make the introductions, but Neara already knew everyone. She had, of course,
been doing work for Geordi, but she had met Riker when she came on board, since he
greeted all new arrivals and assigned them to their various departments. And she knew Troi –
Data assumed she sought counseling from her, so he did not pry as to their connection.
“Even though I meet you before, it is lovely to take time to get to know you now,” Neara
“Likewise,” intoned Riker. “Whatilya have to drink Neara?”
With that, Guinan came up to the table. “You’re Neara Na Ahta of Ahmria,” she
“Yes,” Neara replied.
She placed a hand on Neara’s shoulder. “My name’s Guinan. I’m El-Aurian… Thank
you,” she said earnestly.
Neara put her hand over Guinan’s and smiled. They held each other’s gaze for a
moment and then released hands.
“What can I get you to drink?” Guinan asked. “We have a lovely Paradise Passion
Flower beverage I think you’ll enjoy.”
“I try that,” Neara stated, and the others ordered in turn.
“So what was that about?” Riker queried.
“Oh, is nothing. She is very kind. I give some help is all. What you drink? Maybe I try
as well,” Neara said, changing the subject.
The conversation flowed easily, everyone asking questions, learning about the others’
“So you like to explore? You like to count things?” Neara asked. “Why not send wave
out to see first? Then know if want to or OK to go?”
“A wave? Like sonar?” Data questioned.
“Yes. You send out.. whomb,” with each whomb, Neara stretched her hand like she
was throwing out the wave. “You feel back. You see there is life.. whomb. You see each
thing – each planet, each rock, each insect. Whomb, whomb, whomb. You do this for
universe, you see all. Why not do this first? Then you know where want to go.”
Data explained, “We do not have the technology to send a wave through the entire
universe. We can scan from the Enterprise, but its range is comparatively limited. What
device do you use to do this?”
“There is no device,” stated Neara.
“Are you describing a psi ability?” asked Data.
“What is psi ability?” Neara inquired.
“It’s like what Deanna does,” Riker responded. “She’s able to sense emotions with her
mind and communicate telepathically.”
Troi elaborated, “It’s the ability to do these things without mechanical help. To do them
from within. Is that what your people are doing when they send out this wave to see or feel
the universe?”
“Yes, it is psi.” Neara declared.
“Then we definitely don’t have the ability to do that yet,” stated Geordi.
“But you do, it is in you,” Neara countered. “It is in your DNA. It is your antenna.”
“Our antenna must be broken then,” chuckled Geordi. “You know there’s a bunch of
junk DNA in there.”
“This is no true, is no junk.” Neara asserted. “You call it junk because you see it do
nothing, but it can do this.”
“Well, how do we get it to do that?” he asked.
Neara studied Geordi for a moment, “Needs unblocked first. You must wait. Will
happen when ready.”
“But I hate being patient!” Geordi joked. Everyone except Data laughed.
“That explains why machines cannot replicate psi ability and why I do not have it
myself,” stated Data.
Neara looked at Data intently for a few seconds. “You have missing parts. You miss
antenna here, boop!” With that she patted the top of his head. “And you also miss drum
here, boom boom,” and she patted below his sternum.
With that, one of Lal’s memories flooded his mind – of her jabbing that area of her body
in emotional distress.
“Is the drum area where you feel emotions?” Data asked.
“Yes. You miss drum, no?” Neara asked.
“Yes, I have no emotions. Are these parts something that I can have installed?” Data
asked with anticipation.
“No. Would need to grow,” Neara responded.
“How do I go about growing them?” Data wished to start on it right away.
“Is difficult to explain. As with the humans, it will happen when it happens,” she stated.
“Even androids must have patience!” she laughed.
“Yes, of course,” Data obligingly agreed.
The conversation continued amiably and Neara kept looking over at Data. She found him so
beautiful. He was good and kind – a pure light being. She was mesmerized.
She got up with a sudden, “I need to pee. Where I go?” They told her where the
bathroom was and she left.
“Well, she is something,” Riker said with a little chuckle.
“She’s really into you, Data,” Geordi informed him.
“Is this correct?” he directed his question to Troi, knowing she would be able to read
Deanna replied with a smile, “Yes Data, she’s interested in you.”
“Well, then I should ‘nip this in the bud’, as the expression goes,” Data declared.
“Why do you wanna do that? Don’t you like her?” Geordi wondered.
“It is not that.” Data explained, “She is an emotional being, and I have not been
successful in that context. I do not wish to potentially hurt her.”
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” quoted Riker.
“I think you should give it a chance Data,” encouraged Geordi.
“So do I,” Troi agreed.
“But both you and Counselor Troi had misgivings when I was to date Jenna D’Sora,” a
baffled Data recounted.
Geordi explained, “Yes but, Jenna was getting over a break-up. That’s just not the time
to get involved with somebody. Neara seems very happy and hasn’t said anything about an
ex. I don’t know, I gotta go with Riker on this one buddy. I think you should try again – if for
no other reason then to keep learning about emotions.”
“And you Counselor?” Data asked.
“Well, Neara is a very different person from Jenna – she’s a different species to begin
with. And what I do know of her, I really think your lack of emotions will be very peaceful for
her. As with Tam Elbrun, I think she may be drawn to you for similar reasons. I believe you
should be open to seeing where things go,” Troi counseled.
She continued, “But please just make certain to be yourself this time. No extra
programming – just learn as you go along. That’s what relationships are like for everyone
else, and if you want a truly human experience, you should do it as humans do.”
“Alright, I shall try, try again,” Data declared.
“She’s coming back. Nope, she’s stopped to talk to Guinan… Alright, here she
comes,” with that, Riker loudly changed the subject. “Yeah, I don’t know about Zephoria
wines – Picard’s are pretty good though…”
“Will you walk me back to my quarters please, Data?” Neara asked.
“Certainly,” he replied as they said goodnight to everyone.
They chatted on the way there and once they were at her door, Neara asked, “Would
you like to go on a picnic with me in the arboretum tomorrow?”
“Yes, I am off duty at 1900 hours. I could come by your quarters after then, unless that
would be too late for you to eat,” Data offered.
“No, that is fine. I will see you tomorrow,” with that she kissed his cheek and went



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