One Day

Note: Info from the ep “Random Thoughts” is in this story. It can
either be counted as K/T, P/T, or Torres and any other man. I don’t
name the man in the story. The only name you’ll see is B’Elanna and
the species the Mari.

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It was on a day unlike any other when she first saw him. Or
should she say, part of her saw him. As Human’s would say, it was love
at first sight. But everything changes and soon you realize the time is
up. And that only the memories remain. How many or how few they are.
They still remain.
It had taken that one day for her to realize she loved him. And
for him to realize he, too, loved her. But things can be taken away at
an instance and all that is left is one day.
It had been a routine mission. We’d just gone done for supplies.
But then the Mari decided that my parmachwI’ had broken their laws.
B’Elanna remained in a Mari prison, while her fate was decided.
They were going to take her memories, al those days from her mind, that
bothered them. The problem was they didn’t and we didn’t know, who, or
what, would be returned to us.
The Mari told us that the procedure went as planned and that
B’Elanna would be returned to us. They said everything went fine.
It was a lie.
The person who returned was not B’Elanna. It was just a shell of
the fiery woman, she had been. The woman I had fallen in love with. The
procedure had damaged her brain. She had forgotten us, the ship, and
herself. She was a shell, who knew not how to speak, or how to do anymore
than a small baby.
The Mari had taken her away from me.
And all it took was…

***THE END***

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