Blatant Recruitment

Been a Star Trek fan since 1999 (having missed the original runs of TNG and DS9) I caught the tail end of Voyager and watched Enterprise live, in the meantime the TNG and DS9 DVDs were released, I bought the lot and have seen everything now ever since (Including the Animated Series!)

Back in 2003/4 I ran a multi-ship/adventure RPG based in 2376. As I grew older and life got in the way it kinda fell apart, but after a significant life experience I’ve concentrated on what really is important in my life and Star Trek is an integral part of that.

To that end I restarted a fresh RPG Simulation. Now don’t fret, this isn’t a card game, or a computer game. It’s more of a collaborative story telling experience. You create a character and take a role aboard ship, and contribute to our story telling experience accordingly. We’re totally open to whatever you want to write about and we all write together. With stand alone episodes, mythology episodes, singular written episodes and collaborative ones, all adding to our rich tapestry together.

I’ve found writing together to be a richly rewarding experience, and I’m sure you will to. Check us out over on Big Grin


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