Return to me my Sweet, Part 1

Title: Return To Me My Sweet Part 1
Author: SeanY (
Rating: PG

“What have you done to us?” The Borg Queen asked Admiral Janeway. “I thought
we didn’t need words to understand each other” She replied. The Borg Queen
said “you have infected us with a neural genetic pathogen but we are
adapting”. Admiral Janeway’s eyes widened in shock.

Inside the hub three Borg Cubes were quickly catching up to Voyager. Chakotay
yelled to Seven of Nine “Seven how much longer till we read the Alpha
Quadrant?” Seven answered “190 seconds”. As the Borg Cubes caught up to
Voyager two of the cubes put a tractor beam on Voyager while the third said,
“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile.”

Captain I can’t shake the tractor beams.” Tom yelled out. Janeway has a blank
face as she took a moment to think, ‘They always seem to try to assimilate
us, but they have always failed. I know we do the same thing here.’ Finally
she said, “Mr. Paris reverse course.”

“Yes Captain” Tom Answered

“Mr. Tuvok please open a ship wide channel,” Janeway said

“Done” Tuvok flatly said.

“This is the captain proceed to the escape pods and abandon ship” was
Janeway’s response

Chakotay said, “are you sure about this?”

Janeway nodded and said, “Yes, yes I am. As Janeway spoke her last statement,
Voyager was pulled into the lead Borg Cube.

Admiral Janeway still lay on the floor of the Borg Hub, as it about to
explode. The Borg Queen paced around Janeway in circles. Janeway looked up
and said to the Queen “Come on! What are you waiting for? Just assimilate me

The Queen looked down at her and said “No I think I will just stand her and
watch as the nano probes assimilate you themselves”.

The Queen looked up in a fast motion and took some deep breaths in slowly
with her eyes closed. Then looked back down at the human becoming a drone
before her eyes. “Our transport has arrived” She said and walked up the
Janeway. “Soon your younger self will be a drone again. And you as well.

Voyager was docked at the Borg docking ramp inside the massive cube. The
Delta Flyer was at the entrance that Voyager came in. It fires
three-transfasick torpedo’s and they make a huge gap in the cube as the Flyer
makes a fast getaway. It flies out of the Cube and gets pushed strait into
the Delta Quadrant.

Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine, Tuvok and The Doctor were all on Voyagers
Bridge. “Janeway to computer self-destruct sequence authorization Janeway pie
110” Janeway told the computer. But it made a strange buzzing noise and
answered back “unable to comply.”

“The Borg must have changed to Security Codes” Tuvok said.

Seven of Nine, the only Borg drone ever to leave the Collective, was standing
in the middle of the bridge. There were many thoughts racing through her
mind, but the number one thought was ‘Will I get assimilated again?’ She also
thought about what horrors the future now holds for her and her friends. She
stood there in almost pitch-blackness and was deep in her thoughts when
Captain Janeways hand touched her shoulder. Their eyes met and locked, which
was held for moments before Janeway returned to her seat. Suddenly eight Borg
drones beamed aboard the bridge and Janeway stood as they did so.

Janeway walked over to Seven and stood by her as they heard, “Resistance is
futile.” Janeway leaner over to Seven and whispered, “Seven you will not
rejoin The Collective again. I promise you that.” Seven turned to face the
Captain and said, “I hope that you do not break that promise Captain.” All at
once Tuvok, Kathryn, and Seven and four of the drones disappear. The
holographic doctor stood where he was wondered whet the hell was in store for

Two drones drag Admiral Janeway into The Queens chamber. And they drop her at
the Queens feet. She looks down at the pathetic human and said “Voyager has
been assimilated with less than 20 seconds until they reached the Alpha
Quadrant. And as we speak, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are on their way

Admiral Janeways’ face fell and asked “Voyager?”

The Queen nodded and almost with a smirk said, “Yes. It is intact and being
stripped of everything Starfleet related. Oh and so you know, The Doctor is
being fitted with an all new attitude and wardrobe to server me here in this
cube. He is also on he way here.”

The Queen smiled and closed her eyes in a freaky slow movement as she
breathed slowly and deeply. She then opened her eyes and looked at Janeway.
As The Queen studied Janeway she thought ‘the old Janeway could die in five
years if not properly cared for’.

“I have just gotten word that now Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are on
their way to my chambers. Soon very soon in fact you, your younger self, and
your little piece of artwork will soon be my artwork again. And there is NO
Voyager crew to save you”.

200 light years away on the Borg Cube that is holding Voyager. Harry Kim,
Tuvok, and B’Elanna Torres all as Borg Drones are doing what they have been
assigned to do. In the Maturation Chamber, Naomi Wildmen and Miral, B’Elannas
new baby, both are in separate maturation chambers developing into Borg Drones

The Borg Queen was on her high thrown smiling with her eyes closed as Captain
Janeway and their hair dragged in Seven. Voyager’s Doctor, now a drone was
also dragged in. The four stood in a row as the Queen said, “Oh Captain
Janeway it will be so good to get to know you again”. As the Queen is about
to turn away she faced the Captain again. “Oh and another thing Captain this
time I win”.

To Be Continued
Part Two Coming Soon


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