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01/27/00  Tags: , ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Jehan Jaleel

Deep Space Nine is in a state of panic, for Captain Sisko is away and the Federation lies on the brink of war. When Worf, Dax and Bashir take a runabout to rescue a starship they get more than they bargained for. Now only the blazing infernos of a star will save them, with a relentless enemy hunting them at every turn. Meanwhile on the station, Quark is going to meet his match, and it is someone who he has known for years. This story also features apperances by characters from other Star Trek shows.

09/13/97  Tags: ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Kristen Jones

When Bashir and Dax return from the Gammma quadrant, a transporter accident threatens the total loss of the symbiont’s memories forever.

Red Alert
06/25/97  Tags: ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Kristen Jones

Bashir and Dax put a peace treaty with the Klingons right. But along the way, Bashir is injured. Will Dax tell him how she feels before it’s too late?