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The Teachings of Surak
04/28/12  Tags: , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Greg Hoover

The Teachings of Surak Translated from the original Vulcan by Gregory Hoover The understanding of many great things has been revealed to us through logic. Concerning these things, Surak should always be remembered. For it is necessary, not only for Vulcans, but even for outsiders, to be competent, both in speaking and in writing, so […]

The Secret
03/26/12  Tags: , , ,
Category: Enterprise  By: Mike Crumpton

“Captain”, T’Pol’s voice echoed out of the intercom system. “Go ahead”, replied Captain Jonathan Archer. “Captain, I have something on long range sensors that you might want to see”, stated T’Pol in her even monotone voice. “On my way”, said Archer.  He closed the intercom connection and turned to his Chief Engineer.  “Trip, continue with […]

08/13/11  Tags: ,
Category: Enterprise  By: craig gordon

Thanks for choosing to read. Any comments please send to as i cant seem to view them on this site strangely. I will appreciate any comments. A dark room, this will make my job easier thought the shadowed assailant. The heavy metal door slid awkwardly shut behind him, making much scrapping and jarring, but even […]