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I regretfully inform you…
11/27/05  Tags: , , , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: J. Wilder

“A Captain awakes to find everything he knew different.”
Capt. Hunt is knocked unconcious during the final battle of the dominion war and falls into a coma. He wakes up on DS9 and using the holosuite finds out what happened to his crew.

The Execution of Kira Nerys
08/16/98  Tags: ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Gail M. Eppers

A what if story that takes place during the Dominion occupation of the station. What might have happened if one of the resistance cell members had been captured.

Time Bomb
08/16/98  Tags: , ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Walter Chmara

Kira and O’Brien are ferrying Ro Laren and a Vulcan ambassador to the Enterprise in an Odarian junkpile, when an accident forces them to look for an answer to a deadly situation.

Do Ghosts Lie?
03/01/96  Tags: ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Lisa Chilton

Gul Dukat is tried by the Bajorans for war crimes committed while he was Prefect of Terok Nor.