Star Trek

TITE: Captains (TOS BEF/BET)
AUTHOR: Adam Collings (
Parts: 3 plus intro (this file)
Summery: Captain Chris Pike gets caught in the nexus while beaming up
and finds himself on the Enterprise B.

NOTE: Star Trek is copyrighted by Paramount. All the main characters
alien races, starships etc… are the property of Paramount.
The storyline itself was written by Adam Collings based on episodes of
The Original Series, and the Movie Star Trek Generations.

I have tried to make sure I have not contradicted anything that has
happeden in real Star Trek. If you notice any places where I may
have failed to do this then please feel free to let me know at:


While exploring a new planet, Captain Christopher Pike encounters a strange
and hostile alien race. As he beams back to the Enterprise a strange energy
ribbon is passing through the system and Pike vanishes.

30 years later the Enterprise B is headed back to Earth after its maiden
voyage where James T. Kirk died. Among the El Aurian refugees Commander
Chekov finds Captain Pike. Now, Pike and Captain Harriman of the Enterprise
B will confront those same aliens together and attempt to ensure that the
timeline is not damaged.


| o o | Adam Collings
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\ — / University of Tasmania
“If they’ll buy poison, they’ll buy anything”
Star Trek Deep Space Nine “Little Green Men”


Star Trek Captains
| |
| S T A R T R E K |
| |
| |


Based on Star Trek Created by Gene Rodenberry

Based on Star Trek Generations Written by
Rick Berman, Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga
Screenplay by Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga

Story By Adam Collings

Source Used: Star Trek Generations. A Novel by J.M. Dillard

NOTE: Star Trek is the property of Paramount Pictures.
The Star Trek Universe belongs to Paramount along
with all of the characters and ships.
This is a work of fan fiction by Adam Collings.

If you wish to make any comments you may email them to

I am particularly interested in whether people think
that I have contradicted anything in real Star Trek
such as explained a technology wrongly or something.
Since I have very little knowledge of Star Trek in the
time that Captain Pike was in command there may be


* *
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* *

The transporter effect to began to wear off. Captain
Chris Pike cleared his head and looked around. He was
standing in a room. It looked like, yes it was Starfleet
Academy. That was odd. Still feeling half asleep Chris
looked around. On the far wall was a huge model of his
ship, The Enterprise. Above the model were the words
“A Tribute to one of the Greatest ships in the history
of Starfleet
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 ”
Pike couldn’t explain it but when he saw that model he
felt wonderfully happy. Suddenly his body was enveloped
with another transporter beam. This one was blue. When the
transporter effect wore off once again Chris was standing in
a sickbay full of people. Finally he was himself again. He
looked around surprised. This wasn’t the Enterprise. He
had just been down on the planet. His first officer had
beamed up a few moments earlier. He had then signalled the
ship to beam him up but instead of appearing in the
transporter room of his ship he had found himself at the
academy and then here. What had that room like the academy
been? Was it a dream? Chris didn’t think so. This wasn’t
the sickbay on his ship, it was too big, too modern looking.
The people in here were all screaming. They looked
terrible. Suddenly three people entered the room. One man
was speaking with a heavy Russian accent and he wore a red
uniform of some kind. The other two wore civilian clothing
and were carrying something that looked a little like
Holocameras. They were probably journalists. The three
began to move among the injured people in the room.
Chistopher Pike turned when he heard a man nearby speak.
The man had thinning hear and his face was cut.
“Why? Why?”
One of the journalists came over to him to give comfort.
“It’s all right. You’re on the Enterprise.”
The Enterprise? That was impossible. Chris wanted to
speak up. He wanted to say “That’s not true. The
Enterprise is my ship and it doesn’t look like this,” but he
didn’t. He kept silent.
“No No I have to go back. Please I have to go back!”
said the man with thinning hair. He was screaming now.
“Let me go back! LET ME GO BACK! LET ME GO BACK!”
The Russian man in uniform came up and pushed a
hypospray into his neck. The man immediately fell to the
floor, unconscious.
“What was he talking about?” asked the journalist.
“I have no idea,” said another.
Captain Pike shook his head in confusion. This was
impossible. What was he doing here? Suddenly feeling very
tired Chris Pike closed his eyes and fell to the floor.
Just after Chris fell the intercom beeped.
“Bridge to Sickbay. Commander Chekov, Captain Scott and
Captain Harriman wish to meet you in the deflector relay
room Deck 15 Section 21 Alpha.”

Chapter 1
Pike’s Enterprise
_______________________ /———————–\
\______________________\ \_______________________/
|| / /
/———————/ /
___| NCC – 1701 |-|

2254 AD Old Earth Date

Captain Chris Pike sat in the Captain’s chair on the
bridge of the Enterprise. He watched through the viewscreen
as the stars glided by.
“One minute until we enter the solar system, Captain,”
reported the officer sitting at the helm.
“Acknowledged,” replied Pike. He Then Turned to his
young Vulcan Science officer. “Mr Spock, begin a long-range
scan of the planet.”
“Aye Sir,” replied the Vulcan. Pike was pleased with his
scientist and second officer. He was young and fairly
inexperienced on a Starship but he had an amazing knowledge
of science. There was always some uncertainty around a new
posting but Spock hid it well.
“Captain, I am reading four planets in the system. Two
of them are M Class, the third and fourth. Neither seem to
show any evidence of Civilised life.”
“Thankyou Lieutenant,” responded the Captain.
“We are now entering the System Captain,” reported the
“Drop to impulse.”
The viewscreen changed as he stars stopped gliding past.
The captain stood and walked a little closer. He examined
the viewscreen and then walked to sit behind Mr Spock. The
Captain stared at the sensor readouts before turning to his
first officer.
“Well, the Third planet looks like a good place to
start. What do you think Number One?”
“It’s fine with me Captain,” she replied.
“All right then. Enter orbit of that planet. Mr Spock,
your have the bridge. Number One you’re with me.”
The Captain and First Officer left and entered the
turbolift. Mr Spock stood up and walked over to the command
chair and sat down.
The Enterprise’s mission in this system was pure
exploration. This was a system that had never been visited.
The two commanding officers entered the transporter room
and were met by several Ensigns. The captain walked over to
the controls and the others stepped onto the transporter
“Beam us down to a suitable location on the Planet,” The
Captain said to the transporter chief.
“Aye Sir,” replied the officer in a Scottish accent. He
pressed several controls and then said “Coordinates set
Pike took his place on the transporter pad and said
“Energise.” They were immediately surrounded by green. It
started at their feet and slowly moved up engulfing their
body and turning it into energy.
The landing party appeared in a glow of green light.
Captain Pike began to survey the area. He noticed the plant
life, the clouds, the climate. Just as the sensors had said.
This was a very Earth-like planet. One of the ensigns took
out a tricorder and began scanning.
“Captain I am reading some animal life forms over that
way, approximately three hundred metres.”
“All right. Let’s go and check it out.” The away team
started walking.

Back on the Enterprise a new crewmember was now sitting
at the science station. Spock was in command.
“Sir,” said the science officer. “I am reading a
strange energy formation travelling through space. It isn’t
in visual range yet.”
Spock stood and walked over to the science station. The
officer stood and allowed him to sit. The readings were
unusual. There appeared to be a ribbon made up of highly
disruptive energy. It followed a course just like a comet.
Spock pressed some controls and the computer plotted the
course of the ribbon.
“The energy ribbon will pass through this system.
Between the third and fourth planets.”

The away team reached the point where the tricorder had
indicated the lifeforms. They moved very slowly, Pike in
the lead. He turned his head one way and then the other
until he spotted an animal. It looked like an emu. It had
long legs and a long neck but it had absolutely no feathers.
It’s skin was dry looking and it had a head similar to a
lizard. It also had very short arms. These limbs ended in
an unusual claw. It looked very similar to a humanoid hand.
This creature could probably manipulate physical object much
the way that people could.
The creature had not yet spotted the away team. It
walked swaying its head left and right. The away team
looked on in wonder. This creature was amazing to watch.
Suddenly the creature spotted them. It opened its mouth
looking like it was about to scream but it didn’t make a
sound. Then it slowly turned and trotted off into the bush.
“Let’s keep exploring,” said the Captain. “We will
split up into pairs. Phasers on stun. Number One, come with
The group separated into pairs and set off in opposite
directions. The Captain and First Officer came to a large
clump of trees. They all appeared to be the same species.
They had a very strange fruit. The First Officer took out
her tricorder and began to scan them.
“These fruits appear to be edible Captain. They have a
high concentration of Vitamin C.”
Pike picked one of the fruits and examined it. He loved
this part of his job, discovering new worlds. Completely
alien planets that no one had seen before. His communicator
“Pike here.”
“Captain,” said the voice on the other end. “I think
you should come and see this.”

“The energy ribbon is in visual range now Sir,” reported
the officer at the science station.
“Onscreen,” ordered Spock.
The viewscreen shifted to show a huge crackling ribbon
of energy. It was very impressive to look at.
“Conduct a full scan,” ordered Spock feeling slightly
uncomfortable that he was sitting in the command chair
giving orders to conduct a scan. Science was his area, not
command. No; feeling was not the word. As a Vulcan Spock
was able to control his emotions. And yet the human half of
him cried out to him, this is not where you belong, you
should be sitting at that science station.
“Aye Sir.” The officer began the scan
“Sir, I am having difficulty penetrating that energy. I
cannot scan inside that thing.”
Spock walked over to the station.
“Allow me to attempt.”
Spock sat down and began to work. It was very difficult
to get a reading. This was indeed a fascinating anomaly.
“Fascinating. I am detected a slight temporal
disturbance inside the energy ribbon. Other that that I
cannot tell anything about it.”
Spock returned to his chair and pressed the communicator
“Pike here.”
“Captain,” began Spock, “There is an energy ribbon
approaching the ship. It will pass through this solar system
between the third and fourth planets. I am detecting a
temporal disturbance inside it.”
“Will the ribbon has any harmful effects on the ship?”
“Impossible to be certain but logic would suggest we
will be safe as long as we keep our distance.”
“Very well, raise the shields when it enters the system.
We will continue down here it is fascinating.”
“Yes Captain.” Spock closed the channel.

Pike put away his communicator. He and the First
Officer entered a clearing. Standing there was another pair
from the away team.
“Quick, come and look Captain!”
The two hurried into the clearing and stared in awe at
what they saw.
There were the ruins of a huge city. It was enormous.
There was very little stone. Most of the buildings appeared
to be made from some kind of metal. What looked like an
aircraft was lying on one of the streets. This was the
remains of an ancient advanced civilisation.
“Tricorder indicates that these ruins are three thousand
and fifty years old Captain.” Pike was the first to begin
walking towards the ruins. They stepped onto one of the
streets. There was evidence of machinery everywhere.
“I believe this is some kind of energy weapon Sir. It
could fire beams ten times more powerful than our phasers,”
reported one officer.
“According to the tricorder this is a subspace radio
Sir,” reported another. Pike was overwhelmed by this place.
It was amazing to walk the streets that had been made
thousands of years ago by an unknown species.
All over the walls of the buildings were pictures of the
same animal that they had seem earlier. The featherless emu
with arms. Perhaps the aliens had worshipped these animals.
“Mr. Spock said that there was no evidence of Civilised
life on the planet and yet the people who made these ruins
were at least as advanced as we are. what happened?” the
Captain asked.
“I think I have an explanation for that Sir,” said the
First Officer.
“This hole city seems to be surrounded by a forcefield that
blocks our sensors. it’s almost as if the entire settlement
is cloaked.”
“Except that it can be seen with the naked eye.”
“Yes Captain, but not with sensors. You would have to
come down to the surface of the planet and look at it with
your eyes like we have done.”
“This is closer to cloaking technology then we have ever
come,” said Pike.
“Yes. It is quite impressive.”
“Let’s look around. Some of us can check the insides of
the buildings.”
They all strolled off in different directions. Pike
entered one of the buildings and began to explore its
contents. There was furniture and machinery everywhere.
Some of the machines might even have been in working order.
His First Officer entered the building.
“The other buildings seem to be much like this one.
They are probably houses.”
“Yes probably.”
Pike walked into the next room and the First Officer
bent down to fiddle with one of the machines. It looked
like it was supposed to generate food. possibly some kind of
advanced replicator.
She stood and followed the captain into the room. He was
staring silently unable to move out of amazement. She
turned to see what was so relevant and then she saw it. A
picture of the same emu creature but it was using a machine.
It wasn’t just shown as a dumb animal, this picture showed
that the animals were in face intelligent beings, probably
the very ones who had created these ruins.
The captain’s communicator beeped. He answered it.
“Pike here.”
“Captain, we are under attack!”

“Sir, the energy ribbon is now entering the system,”
reported the officer at the science station.
“Raise shields,” ordered Spock.
“Shields up Sir.”
Spock pressed a key on the side of his chair putting the
ship up into yellow alert, just in case.

Captain Chris Pike burst out into the street with his
phaser ready. He saw his people ducking for cover and he
saw the emu-like creatures, all holding energy weapons.
They fired frequently and with great power.
Pike took aim and fired. His beam had no effect at all
on the target. He quickly increased the power of his phaser
up to kill and then dived out of the way of enemy fire. He
took aim once again and sent a beam of red energy towards
the creatures. There was still no effect. He pulled out
his communicator.
“Pike to Enterprise.”
“Spock here.”
“Beam us up now!”
“Aye Sir.”
Pike waited for agonising seconds but nothing happened.
“Captain, I canna get a lock on you. The energy ribbon
is interfering with our systems,” came the voice of the
Scottish transporter chief.
“Try harder Lieutenant Scott.”
Pike ducked several more shots before the voice came
“I can only beam three at a time.”
“Beam up ensigns Grahams, White and Koovok.” The three
officers were surrounded by green light.
“This way,” yelled Pike as he motioned in the direction
of a more easily defendable street. The remaining officers
ran off.
“Transport successful Sir.”
“Bring up Ensigns Phillips and McRed and Number one.”
Again the transporter whirred and all the officers
except Pike were transported away. Pike was now surrounded
by the alien creatures. One of them aimed its weapon and
fired. There was nowhere to duck, there was nowhere to
hide. Pike stood silent and waited for his death. Just as
the deadly beam was centimetres from his face the
transporter took him away from the planet.
The transporter effect to began to wear off. Captain
Chris Pike cleared his head and looked around. He was
standing in a room. It looked like, yes it was Starfleet
Academy. That was odd. Still feeling half asleep Chris
looked around. On the far wall was a huge model of his
ship, the Enterprise. Above the model were the words
“A Tribute to one of the Greatest ships in the history
of Starfleet
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 ”
Pike couldn’t explain it but when he saw that model he
felt wonderfully happy. Suddenly his body was enveloped
with another transporter beam. This one was blue.
When the transporter effect wore off once again Chris
was standing in a sickbay full of people. Finally he was
himself again. He looked around surprised. This wasn’t the
Enterprise. He had just been down on the planet.
His first officer had beamed up a few moments earlier. He
had then signalled the ship to beam him up but instead of
appearing in the transporter room of his ship he had found
himself at the academy and then here. What had that room
like the academy been? Was it a dream? Chris didn’t think
so. This wasn’t the sickbay on his ship, it was too big,
too modern looking.

“Spock to transporter room. Did you get them?”
“I got them all but Captain Pike Sir. He
“Your statement is not logical. Explain.”
“I can’t sir. He dematerialised but then his signal was
absorbed by a stronger energy force.”
Spock looked at the viewscreen and saw the ribbon of
energy. He knew what had happened. He knew the only
logical solution.

Star Trek Captains
| |
| S T A R T R E K |
| |
| |


Based on Star Trek Created by Gene Rodenberry

Based on Star Trek Generations Written by
Rick Berman, Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga
Screenplay by Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga

Story By Adam Collings

Source Used: Star Trek Generations. A Novel by J.M. Dillard

Chapter 2
Harriman’s Enterprise.
2293 AD Old Earth Date

_______________________ |———————–\
|______________________| |_______________________/
|| |—-|
|| |—-|
\_______ NCC – 1701-B |

The Enterprise was being smashed to pieces by the energy
ribbon. Captain Harriman saw the flashes spring out and hit
the hull of the ship. Scotty pressed an intercom control.
“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”
“Kirk here.”
“Captain, I don’t know how much longer I can keep her
The Enterprise shook once more. Harriman nearly fell out
of his chair.
The voice of Captain James T. Kirk came over the intercom
“That’s it! Let’s go!” Captain John Harriman immediately
jumped into action.
“Activate Deflector.”
The deflector dish fired out a wide blue beam. The blast
seemed to disrupt the energy ribbon’s hold on the ship.
They were breaking free. It was working. Harriman watched
as the ribbon grew smaller and smaller.
“We are free,” came Scotty’s voice.
“That’s it! You did it Kirk!” Harriman was excited. He
turned to his helmsman, Demora Sulu. “Damage Report
“There is some buckling on the starboard nacelle. We
also have a hull breach in the engineering section.
Emergency forcefields are in place and holding.”
“Where?” asked Harriman.
“Sections twenty through twenty eight on decks thirteen,
fourteen and..” she paused. “fifteen.” The entire bridge
crew were suddenly gripped with emotion. Section fifteen
was where Captain Kirk was.
Scotty pressed the intercom. “Bridge to Captain Kirk.
Captain Kirk please respond.” There was no response.
Harriman couldn’t breath. Could Kirk be dead? Was it
possible? Scotty stood up. He turned to the captain.
“Have Chekov meet me on deck fifteen.”
He strolled to the turbolift. Harriman walked after
him. Demora Sulu just sat there. All her life Her father
had told her stories about when he had been Kirk’s helmsman
and now, on her very first mission, the greatest Starfleet
officer ever known had been killed.

In Sickbay Chekov was busy helping the wounded. He had
just used a hypospray on a man who was screaming, begging to
be able to go back. To where Chekov didn’t know. The man
was probably delirious. Checkov moved on and tended the
next patient. He didn’t notice a man wearing an old style
Starfleet uniform fall to the ground.
“It’s all right,” Chekov said to a dark skinned woman.
“You are going to be okay. You just need to rest.”
Chekov continued to help patients with the aid of the
two journalists until the intercom sounded. The voice of
Demora Sulu came through.
“Bridge to Sickbay. Commander Chekov, Captain Scott and
Captain Harriman wish to meet you in the deflector relay
room Deck 15 Section 21 Alpha.”

Harriman ran into the deflector room after Scotty. He was
quickly joined by Chekov. The three looked out into the
vastness of space. The entire room had been blown open.
The far wall was completely missing.
“Was anybody in here?” asked Chekov.
“Aye,” came the reply from Scotty. It was all that needed
to be said.
By the look on his face and the tone of his voice Chekov
knew. He knew that
The great Captain Kirk was dead.

Harriman sat in his chair on the bridge. He didn’t do
anything but sit. What was there to do. Scotty walked up
and stood next to him.
“Captain, there is nothing more we can do. We must
return to spacedock.”
“Agreed,” replied Harriman slowly.
“Demora, what is our maximum possible speed?”
“Our warp power is severely limited due to the buckling
on the starboard
nacelle. We can’t go much past warp 1.5.”
“All right. Set course for Spacedock warp 1.5, engage.”
The ship moved up into warp speed. The ride was a little
bumpy but bearable.”
Harriman turned to Captain Scott.
“Mr Scott, you have the bridge.”
It was unusual of course to hand over the bridge to a
retired observer but nobody thought twice about the order.
Scotty was a legend. Harriman entered the turbolift.

Chris Pike slowly returned to consciousness. The Russian
man was standing over him.
“How are you feeling?”
“Apart from a headache I’m fine. Where am I?”
“You are in sickbay, on the Enterprise.”
“The Enterprise? This isn’t my ship.”
“What do you mean?”
“I am Captain Christopher Pike of the Starship
Enterprise. NCC 1701.”
The Russian looked back slightly surprised.
“That is not possible. Captain Pike was injured during a
mission. He is restricted to a wheel chair. Many years ago
he beamed down to a planet where the local aliens gave him
the illusion that he had no injury.”
“That is absolutely ridiculous. What is this ship.”
“It is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B. I am Commander
Pavel Chekov.”
“1701-B? Are you saying that this is a new ship modelled
on the original?”
“It is Starfleet’s newest ship. Now please tell me who
you are and vhy you are wearing that old style uniform.”
“I told you I am Captain Chris Pike. Check my Starfleet
records. Check my DNA.”
Chekov walked over to a computer panel and pressed
several keys. An image of Captain Pike came up. It looked
identical to the man lying on the biobed.
“Tell me Keptin, vot year is it?”
“What year?”
“Yes, please. I have a theory which would explain our
“It’s 2254.”
“Vell from my point of view this is 2293. You are a time
traveller Keptin.”
Pike said nothing. The theory certainly made sense. The
huge sickbay, the new uniforms, the new Enterprise.
“Keptin, what is the last thing you remember. what were
you doing aboard the Lakul?”
“The transport ship you vere beamed from.”
“I wasn’t on a ship, I was on a planet. We were being
attacked by alien creatures. They were quite fascinating.
Due to an energy ribbon that was passing through the system
we could only beam three up at a time. I was the last to
go. I beamed from the planet to your sickbay.”
Chekov made no response. This all sounded quite strange.
“There was something else. In between my leaving the
planet and arriving here I found myself standing in a room
that looked like part of the academy. There was a model of
the Enterprise. After a second or two I appeared here. It
must have been a dream.”
“That is strange. Many of the El Aurian refugees that ve
beamed aboard have described similar experiences. They
described dreams. It vos as if their strongest desires had
become reality. We assume it is something to do with the
energy ribbon that the Lakul was trapped in.”
Pike had no explanation for this.
“There is an energy ribbon here as well?” he asked.
“Yes”, replied Chekov. “It could be the same one that you
described. Perhaps you somehow got caught in the ribbon and
beamed through time.”
“Well I don’t know. I never got to see any sensor
readings on this ribbon. I never even got to get a look at
it. I have no idea what it was like.”
Just that moment the sickbay doors swished open and
Captain Harriman entered.
“Report Mr. Chekov.”
“There are no more serious injuries Sir. We do have a
problem however, this man is Keptin Chris Pike from the
original Enterprise. We beamed him aboard along with all
the refugees.”

Pike, Chekov and Harriman entered the Bridge. Pike had
already been briefed on the current situation. Chekov and
another man named Captain Scott were guests aboard the ship.
Scott was a retired engineer and was helping with repairs on
the understaffed ship.
“Captain Pike, this is Montgommery Scott, the man I was
telling you about.”
“Hello Captain. It has been a long time.” Pike was
speechless. He heard the distinctive Scottish accent and
looked at the man’s face. He looked a lot older. He had
grown a moustache and his hair had gone grey but this was
definitely Lieutenant Scott, his transporter chief.
“Scotty, is that you?”
“Aye Sir. It is strange to be seeing you like this, so
“It is strange to be seeing you so old!”
“Aye. Time travel is a funny thing.”
“How long until the warp drives will be capable of running
at higher speeds Scotty?” asked Harriman.
“Oh, we won’t be able to do much until we get to a
starbase but I can get a little more speed out of them if
you give me a few hours Captain.”
“Good, get to work Mr. Scott.”
Scotty entered the turbolift and Harriman turned to face
his communications officer.”
“Lieutenant, contact Starfleet Command. Request that they
send another starship to assist us and to take the civilian
crewmembers back to Earth. Suddenly the intercom beeped.
“Forward Lounge to Chekov. We have a drunk refugee in
here, please assist us at once.”
“On my way.”
Since the Enterprise B did not yet have a security chief,
Chekov was filling that role. He took the lift down to the
forward lounge and stepped in. He saw the drunk refugee
immediately. She was the dark skinned woman who he had
helped in sickbay. She was screaming and throwing bottles
around. It was times like these that Chekov wished that
Spock could have taught him the Vulcan nerve pinch.
“They just ripped us out of there! They didn’t ask us if
we wanted go! They just took us. I want to go back there!”
she screamed. Strange, why were so many of the El Aurians
acting this way. Chekov stepped in front of her.
“Please. Calm down. You must relax.” She punched
Chekov in the face and he fell to the floor. She then
picked up a bottle and threw it at the crowd. Several
people screamed. Chekov stood, set his phaser to stun and
fired. The drunk woman fell.

Harimman and Pike were still on the bridge. Pike looked
in awe at all of the instruments on this new starship. The
ship was moving very slowly. Just then the science officer
spoke up.
“Captain, I am picking up an object near to the ship. It
appears to the remains of a vessel of some type.”
“Is it far out of our way?” asked the Captain.
“No Sir,” she replied.
“Well then. It will take us a long time anyway. We may
as well check out the odd things we find along the way.”
Turning to his helm officer he said “Ensign Sulu, lay in an
intercept course.”
“Aye, Captain,” she replied. The ship began to turn.
Harriman turned to Pike.
“You have the bridge, Captain.”

John Harriman sat in the forward lounge holding an empty
glass. He sat it on the bar and asked for a top up.
“You should be careful with that stuff, too much of it
can make you go crazy. I know because I drank too much a
few hours ago and they had to call in security.” Harriman
turned to see a dark skinned woman sit down beside him.
“My name is Guinan.”
“I’m really not interested in conversation at the
moment.” Guinan ignored him.
“You’re the captain of this ship aren’t you?”
“Yes, John Harriman.”
“And you are upset because the Enterprise was so badly
damaged on its maiden voyage?”
“I’m upset because I’ve just murdered the greatest man
who ever lived!”
“Who are you referring to?”
“I’m talking about Captain James T. Kirk. I am
responsible for his death. I am in command of this vessel.”
“Now you’re being silly. You are not to blame for what
happened to Captain Kirk. As I understand it the room he
was standing in was smashed by the energy ribbon. It was a
natural disaster. You had nothing to do with it.”
“Kirk was my responsibility while he was on this ship.”
Guinan sighed and then spoke. “I shouldn’t be telling
you this but Kirk is not dead. He is in the nexus.”
“What’s the nexus?” asked Harriman, not really interested
in the answer.
“It’s the same place you beamed me out of.” With that
Guinan stood and left.
What was that person on about? Harriman didn’t care. He
happened to know that Kirk was very dead and he wouldn’t be
told otherwise by an alien who had been drunk a few hours
earlier. But she had been right about the alcohol though,
Harriman was captain of this ship and he couldn’t afford to
get drunk. He had to be ready to serve his ship.

We are coming in to range of the object, Captain Pike,”
informed the science officer.
“Thankyou. Pike to Harriman, we have arrived at the
wreckage. Lieutenant put it onscreen.”
The view shifted to a large metal capsule floating in
“Full scan.”
“Sir, there are lifeforms on board that ship.
“What sort of lifeforms?”
“The computer does not recognise them. They are a new
The door opened and Captain Harriman entered the bridge.
“We have found a large capsule floating in space. There
are lifeforms of an unknown race aboard.”
“We should beam over and take a look,” Harriman said
thinking out loud.
“I would like to join you on the away team Captain,”
stated Pike.
“Sir,” put in Demora. “Starfleets new rules say that the
Captain is not to risk himself on away missions unless
absolutely necessary.”
“What?” questioned Pike, unable to believe his ears. Back
in his time nobody would dream of leading an away team but
the Captain himself.
“You’re right Ensign Sulu. Captain Pike, you will lead
the away team. I will remain on the Enterprise.”
“Captain Harriman, this is foolishness, I.”
“Captain Pike, these are Starfleet’s new rules and they
must be obeyed.
“Very well,” Pike conceded. “But I happen to think that
it is an insane rule.”

Captain Pike materialised on board the alien vessel.
Around him were Chekov and several other crew members that
he did not recognise. Although he thought Starfleet’s new
rules about Captains on away missions were stupid he was
glad to be able to lead this mission himself.
Chekov pulled out a tricorder and began to scan the area.
“The lifeforms are this way Keptin. They appear to be in
some kind of cryogenic sleep.”
“Okay, phasers on stun, let’s go.”
The small team walked off in the direction that the
tricorder had indicated. The interior of the ship was
unusual. The walls appeared dark and they seemed to be made
of a substance that looked like pottery. The ship was not
large and after taking about ten steps they were standing in
a round chamber. Around all of the walls were sleep cells.
Pike walked up to one of them and wiped the glass. What he
saw inside shocked him; It was the same emu-like creatures
that had attacked him back on the planet! It had seemed
like a lifetime ago but it was actually less than twenty-
four hours since he had been back in his own time on his own
Suddenly the whole group jumped as the eerie silence was
replaced by the aliens words of some kind of computer
system. Pike flipped open his communicator.
“Pike to Enterprise. Tie the universal translator into
our communicators.”
Immediately the alien voice was understandable.
“Warning. Intruders Detected. Defence Procedure
Initiated. Level 1 Wakeup Sequence Initiated.” The message
kept repeating itself.

“Captain,” said the science officer suddenly. “The
capsule has suddenly raised some type of energy shield. We
cannot beam through it. There are energy fluctuations all
over the thing. Systems appear to be coming back on.”
“So we can’t bring the away team back?”
“No sir.”
Harriman turned to his communications officer.”
“Get me Captain Pike.”
The officer worked his controls for several seconds that
seemed like an eternity. “I can’t sir, the shields are
producing too much interference.”
Pike looked at the screen in dispair, a slight panic
welling up inside him.
“We’ve got to get Captain Pike back from there, if we
can’t return him to his rightful place in history then the
time line could become terribly polluted.”
This was not good. Could Harriman end up killing two
legendary Enterprise captains on his maiden voyage?

Back on the alien capsule things were getting frantic.
Several deadly looking robot drones had entered the round
chamber and were firing energy weapons with lethal
precision. The crewmembers ducked out of the way and fired
their phasers. Pikes beam hit its target but the robot
appeared uninjured.
“Increase phaser power to kill, the stun setting doesn’t
appear to have any effect on these things!”
One of the alien beams hit a member of the away team that
Pike didn’t recognise. Her body was totally vaporised.
“Stay out of the way of those beams!” warned Chekov. “One
hit will kill you.”
Pike noticed a small opening in the wall behind one block
of sleep chambers.
“Quick, everybody through that opening. It is a more
defendable position.”
“The away team members scrambled into the hole. Pike went
in last blasting with his phaser all the way. They now
found themselves in a small tunnel. Pike pulled down the
cover, blocking the opening. They were now safe from the
alien fire, at least for the moment.

Harriman stood staring at the readouts on the science
station. He turned to the officer seated there.
“Any success yet?”
“No Captain, I can not find any way of breaking through
the shields.”
“If we can’t beam through them then we have to get rid of
them. How would they react to phaser fire?”
“Unknown Captain, but I think I can safely say that by the
time we beat the shields down low enough to transport
through there would be little left of the hull and the away
team would most likely be dead.
Harriman walked over to the command chair and pressed the
intercom button.
“Harriman to engineering.”
“Scott here.”
“Captain Scott, we are having trouble transporting or
communicating through the alien capsule’s shields. Can you
give us any suggestions?”
“I’ll try Captain. Give me some time to go over your
scans and see if I can make some sense of it all.”
“Very well. Harriman out.”
The Captain strolled over to the science station and
looked over the officer’s shoulder. He stared at the scans
of the aliens shields, taking note of the peculiar
configuration. He then had an idea.
“Lieutenant, could a gavron pulse penetrate those
The science officer thought for a moment.
“I think so Captain,” she replied. “Why would we want to
do that?”
Harriman turned to his communications officer.
“Could we use a gavron pulse as a carrier for a comm
“Yes Captian. The new comm system on the Enterprise B
should be compatible.”
Harriman turned back to his science officer.
“How could we generate the pulse?”
“Usually I would do it with the main deflector dish but
that is not possible since it has been destroyed. However,
I may be able to modify the phaser banks to emit a gavron
“Good, make it so.”

Captain Pike Pushed open the grating at the other end of
the passage and climbed out into another room. There were
computer panels around the room. He was followed by the
rest of the away team. Chekov looked around cautiously,
phaser in hand.
Pike moved to take a closer look at one of the panels and
was shocked by what he saw. On the screen was an image of
the Enterprise, his Enterprise. It was firing its weapons
on a dark alien ship. The Alien vessel exploded and then
the image began to repeat itself.

On the bridge of the Enterprise Captain Harriman sat
patiently in his chair.
“Modifications complete Captain, we are ready to try it
now.” Reported the science officer.
“Good. Initiate the gavron pulse.”
The science officer pressed some controls and the invisible
pulse emanated from the phaser banks towards the alien
“The pulse has penetrated the alien shields captain.”
“Good, prepare to.” Harriman was interrupted by the
“Scott to Harriman.”
“Disengage the pulse. Harriman here. Go ahead Captain
“Captain, I almost have a working plan for beaming the
away team back.”
“Good. What’s the problem?”
“The alien shields are simply too strong. If we could
lower the power just slightly I think I could get my plan to
“All right. What is your theory.”
“Well, I have been studying those shields and they are
quite unusual. I believe that we could re-program our
shields to operate on the exact same modulation and
frequency. We could then a shuttle craft with the modified
shields alongside the capsule so that the two shields
collide. That should cause an energy bubble due to the
strange technology used in the alien shield.”
“An then we could send a transporter beam through the
bubble!” added the science officer, excitement clearly
showing in her voice.
“All right Scotty, make the modifications on one of the
“Aye Captain.”
Harriman then turned to his science officer.
“Re-establish the gavron pulse and prepare to activate the
comm signal.”

End of Part 2.

Star Trek Captains
| |
| S T A R T R E K |
| |
| |


Based on Star Trek Created by Gene Rodenberry

Based on Star Trek Generations Written by
Rick Berman, Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga
Screenplay by Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga

Story By Adam Collings

Source Used: Star Trek Generations. A Novel by J.M. Dillard

Chapter 2 – Continued
The away team had not left the room where they had found
the computer panels. There were no doors and the passage
only led back to the sleep chamber where the drones for
waiting for them. The safest thing to do was to stay put.
Pike was surprised when his communicator beeped. He had
tried calling the ship numerous times without success.
“Pike here.”
“This is Harriman. We may have a way of beaming you back
aboard. What have you found down there?”
“The aliens here are the same ones that I encountered in
my time. They look like emus but are highly intelligent.
They’ve got robot drones all over the place trying to kill
“I take it that you are ready to beam back.”
“More than ready.”
“Okay. You’ll have to find a way to decrease the power in
the shields a bit. It doesn’t matter how, re-route the
power, disable some systems, sabotage the computer,
whatever. Just get the shields down as far as possible and
Scotty will do the rest.”
“Got it. We’ll call you again when we’re successful.”
Pike turned to Chekov who was looking back over tricorder
“Keptin, Using the tricorder and the universal translator
I think I can understand these systems. The computer is
supplying power to two major systems, shields and drones.
These systems are only readouts, We cannot change anything.
However, if we were to encourage them to increase their
production of drones then the power should be diverted from
the shields.”
“But how do we do that without getting ourselves killed?”
“We run fast.”

Chris Pike lowered the cover and looked cautiously out.
The drones were circling the room. If he used his advantage
of surprise he might have a chance. The theory was simple,
if each officer went in a different direction then the
computer would create more drones to send swarms after each
He put his phaser power up to full and fired. He
destroyed one of the drones and dived out into the room.
The other away team members quickly followed. Pike heard
the screams as one of the officers was hit by a beam and
killed. He couldn’t tell who it was. He ran down a
corridor as fast as he could. He could hear the drones
coming behind him. He couldn’t afford to slow down, he had
to keep going.

“Captain, the alien shields have dropped to an acceptable
“Good.” Harriman pressed the intercom control on his
“Mr Scott, report on the shuttle. It’s all ready to go
“Good.” He turned to the science officer. “You have the
bridge.” He then turned to Ensign Sulu. “Demora, you’re
with me.”

The shuttle departed the Enterprise rapidly. They didn’t
have a lot of time. Ensign Sulu was at the helm, Captain
Harriman was beside her. They were approaching the alien
capsule. Harriman pressed the intercom button.
“Harriman to Pike.”
“Pike here,” Pike’s voice sounded strained and he was
puffing. Prepare for transport. We’ve only got the
emergency transporter on the shuttle so we’ll have to bring
you up one at a time.
“Take me last,” said Pike well aware of what had happened
last time he had given that order.
“Stand by,” reported Harriman.
“We’re in range now Captain,” report Demora Sulu.
“All right, engage.”
The shuttle thrusters fired and they jolted towards the
alien capsule. Both shields glowed brightly as they merged
and the bubble formed. Pike was already at the transporter
controls. He brought up Chekov first, then several other
officers. The bubble was dissipating quickly. He didn’t
want to loose another Enterprise Captain, he had to save

Captain Pike gasped in dispair. He had just come to a
dead end. He turned and saw the robot drones almost on him.
He leaned against the wall and prepared to die. It was all
over. He closed his eyes just as the transporter beam
engulfed him. He opened his eyes and saw the interior of a
shuttlecraft. Captain Harriman was standing at the
transporter controls.
“Welcome Aboard.”

On the bridge of the Enterprise the science officer was
sitting in the command chair. Her replacement officer at
the science station spoke up.
“Lieutenant, we have a problem.”
“What is it?”
“A small hatch has just opened. It looks like some kind
of weapon is being enabled.”

“Captain,” said Demora Sulu.
“What is it Ensign?”
“The alien capsule has just locked an energy weapon onto
us. They watched through the window as the large ship fired
a bold of energy towards the shuttle. The ship shook
violently and everybody but Sulu were knocked to the ground.
“Captain, our shields won’t handle another attack.”
The Captain pressed a button on the communications panel.
“Harriman to Enterprise. Beam us out of here.”

Several seconds later the crew on the bridge of the
Enterprise watched as the shuttle exploded on the
viewscreen. The science officer grabbed for the intercom
“Transporter room, did you get them?” She waited an
agonising second.
“We’re find Lieutenant,” came the voice of Captain

Harriman, Pike, Sulu and Chekov jogged out of the
turbolift onto the bridge. Demora took her post at the
helm. Harriman sat down in the command chair which the
science officer had just vacated. Pike and Chekov stood
either side of him.
“Report,” order Harriman.
“Captain, the alien capsule appears to be leaving. It is
travelling towards unexplored space at sublight speed.”
“Should we pursue it Captain?” asked Sulu.
“No. It is no longer a threat. Let it go.”

“Captain’s Log. Stardate 9642.5. Our repairs are well
under way. Several starships have arrived to assist us.
The El Aurian refugees and the journalists have been shipped
back to Earth. Now only one task remains, returning Captain
Pike to his own time in order to restore the correct flow of

On the bridge the crew were discussing how they were going
to solve the problem of Captain Pike.
“Perhaps we could beam him back into the energy ribbon
Sir. He could then leave the nexus and return to his own
ship,” suggested a crew member.
“That wouldn’t work,” replied the science officer. “If we
went into transporter range the Enterprise would most likely
be destroyed.”
“I have an idea,” put in Ensign Sulu. “I remember my
father often talking about the times that he went back in
time to the twentieth century. He used a method that he
called the Slingshot Manoeuvre.”
“What’s that?” enquired Captain Pike.
“You take the ship at high warp velocity around a star.
If you calculate it right you will be thrust into time warp
and be slingshoted back through time,” explained Harriman.
“But that’s never been done with a ship the size of the
Enterprise B,” added the science officer.
“The Enterprise is in no shape for sling shotting anyway,”
said Harriman. He then turned to his communications
officer. “Get me the captain of the USS Surak.”

Chapter 3
_______________________ /———————–\
\______________________\ \_______________________/
|| / /
/———————/ /
___| NCC – 1701 |-|

2254 AD Old Earth Date

“Spock to transporter room. Did you get them?”
“I got them all but Captain Pike Sir. He
“Your statement is not logical. Explain.”
“I can’t sir. He dematerialised but then his signal was
absorbed by a stronger energy force.”
Spock looked at the viewscreen and saw the ribbon of
energy. He knew what had happened. He knew the only
logical solution.
The turbolift doors opened and the First Officer stepped
onto the bridge.
“Report, Mr. Spock.”
“Sir, I believe that Captain Pike’s transporter signal has
been absorbed by the energy ribbon.”
“And what does that mean exactly?”
“There is no way to tell. However, it is most logical to
assume that he is no longer living.”
“I’m not going to give up on him so easily Lieutenant.
Conduct a full scan of that ribbon. Find our everything you
can. If we can somehow separate the Captain’s signal from
the rest of the energy we might be able to save him.
Spock sat at his post. The navigator spoke up.
“Sir, there is an alien ship approaching us. It has just
been launched from the surface of the planet.”
The screen shifted to show a large black ship coming
towards them.
“They are raising shields and locking weapons.”
“Red Alert. Raise our shields and lock phasers.”
The appropriate officers obeyed their orders. The alien
ship fired and the bridge of the Enterprise shook.
“Shields down to seventy percent. Minor structural damage
to the secondary hull.”
“Prepare to return fire. Phasers on full power. Fire!”
“The Enterprise phasers fired at the alien vessel. It’s
black hull glowed white as the shields absorbed the fire.”
“Minor damage to the alien ship Sir.”
The aliens fired again this time the lights flickered off
and on again while the bridge shook even more violently.
“Our shields are down to sixty seven percent. Hull breach
on decks fifteen and sixteen.”
“Lock three photon torpedos onto the same location and
fire. We’ve got to get those shields down.”
“The torpedos fired and all hit the same part of the alien
shields which glowed brightly.”
“Sir, the alien shields are weakening on that location,”
reported Spock.
“Lock phasers and torpedos on that position and fire,”
commanded the first officer.
The alien ship was hit by a huge swarm of torpedos and
several phaser beams. It fired it’s weapon again.
The bridge of the Enterprise shook knocking several
officers out of their chairs.
“Sir, our shields are down. We cannot survive another
Continue firing on that same spot,” she commanded.
The weapons continued to fire at the alien and it suddenly
burst into flames. Nobody noticed a small capsule depart
the vessel and slowly drift out into space.
Everybody on the bridge gave a sigh of relief. It was all
“Stand down from red alert. Bridge to Engineering, begin
repairs immediately.”
“Commander,” said Spock. “I am getting some strange
readings from the sun in this system. A vessel had just
“Appeared? What type of vessel?”
“It is giving out a Starfleet Signature but it’s
technology is more advanced than we currently have. The
markings on it identify the ship as the USS Surak.”
“They are hailing us.”
The screen shifted to show two people. One of the was
wearing a red uniform but the man standing next to him was
Captain Pike!”
“Captain!” exclaimed the First Officer.
“Hello Number One.”
“What happened to you? What are you doing on that ship?”
“Its a long story. I’ll beam aboard and tell it to you.”

“Captain’s Log, Supplemental. We are about to return to our
time, having brought Captain Pike back to his rightful

Harriman and Pike stood in the transporter room of the USS
“I must ask you not to tell anybody about what you have
witnessed in the future Chris.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t.”
“Then you better get back to your ship. Goodbye Captain.”
Pike stepped onto the transporter pad.
“You’ll make a good Enterprise Captain John.”
“Thanks.” Harriman replied. Pike turned to the
transporter chief.

On the bridge of the Enterprise Pike and his first officer
stood watching the Surak approaching the sun. Suddenly the
ship leapt into warp speed and pulled around the sun. As it
came around the other side it was propelled into time warp
and vanished.
Pike turned to his first officer.
“Well Number One, I think we should leave these aliens to
themselves. It has been an interesting mission but these
aliens are not very friendly.”
“Perhaps one day they will have diplomatic relations with
the Federation.”
“Perhaps Number One. Helm take us out of orbit and depart
this system, Warp 3.”
The Enterprise slowly drifted off; heading towards its
next adventure.

End of Part 3.



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