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First Mission
07/24/97  Tags: , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Chris Barker

his story follows the crew of the Enterprise-C on thier maiden voyage. They are transported back in time where they encounter Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise-A . While trying to return to there own time the crew are thrown into the past again where they encounter the Enterprise-B and help stop them from being destroyed.

05/27/97  Tags: ,
Category: Crossover  By: Adam Collings

While exploring a new planet, Captain Christopher Pike encounters a strange and hostile alien race. As he beams back to the Enterprise a strange energy ribbon is passing through the system and Pike vanishes. 30 years later the Enterprise B is headed back to Earth after its maiden voyage where James T. Kirk died. Among the El Aurian refugees Commander Chekov finds Captain Pike. Now, Pike and Captain Harriman of the Enterprise-B will confront those same aliens together and attempt to ensure that the timeline is not damaged.