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Maiden Voyage

PROLOGUE Captain Ther’kev had little time to react. His ship was drained of seventy-five percent of its power. Weapons were offline and the strange six shuttles that appeared out of nowhere following the drain had commandeered six of his finest tactical officers. He never saw it coming. Ther’kev stood face-to-face with the large alien ship […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: A Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter One

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER ONE – The Lost One It had been awhile since Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy had become semi-retired. His age had caught up with him to the point that he was no longer able to keep up with the younger crew members in Star Fleet. His attempt at a desk […]

Planet Hyde
08/13/00  Tags: ,
Category: The Original Series  By: Walter Chmara

Number One suspects her old Academy nemesis is allowing Federation governments to illegally dump their criminals on a notoriously vicious planet.

05/27/97  Tags: ,
Category: Crossover  By: Adam Collings

While exploring a new planet, Captain Christopher Pike encounters a strange and hostile alien race. As he beams back to the Enterprise a strange energy ribbon is passing through the system and Pike vanishes. 30 years later the Enterprise B is headed back to Earth after its maiden voyage where James T. Kirk died. Among the El Aurian refugees Commander Chekov finds Captain Pike. Now, Pike and Captain Harriman of the Enterprise-B will confront those same aliens together and attempt to ensure that the timeline is not damaged.