Stories by: Adam Collings
The Return of Mudd
11/26/97  Tags: ,   Category: The Next Generation

One of Captain James T. Kirk’s most devious oponents was Harcord Fenton Mudd (nicknamed Harry). Harry Mudd captured the USS Enterprise twice. Now Kirk has finally caught Mudd and is sending him to Earth to face trial. On the way Harry is attack by a Romulan Warbird and presumed dead. Now a century later Captain Jean-Luc Picard is called to investigate a traitor selling Federation Secrets to the Dominion. Soon Picard and the crew of the Enterprise will face Harry Mudd. They will also come up against a deadly Jem’Hadar warship.

05/27/97  Tags: ,   Category: Crossover

While exploring a new planet, Captain Christopher Pike encounters a strange and hostile alien race. As he beams back to the Enterprise a strange energy ribbon is passing through the system and Pike vanishes. 30 years later the Enterprise B is headed back to Earth after its maiden voyage where James T. Kirk died. Among the El Aurian refugees Commander Chekov finds Captain Pike. Now, Pike and Captain Harriman of the Enterprise-B will confront those same aliens together and attempt to ensure that the timeline is not damaged.