Stories by: J.A Cope
Star Trek-Invasions- Part 3- Battle of Legacy
11/16/12  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

While Starfleet battles it out in a desperate confrontation with the Klingon fleet, Captain Nicholas Mason, Commander Aleya Mason and the entire crew of the USS Legacy are fighting a desperate battle of their own as hoards of Klingon warriors board the ship. With no power and an overwhelming force of enemies on the attack, the chances of survival are slim at best. Can the Masons dive into the dark forest of defeat and emerge in the light of victory?

Star Trek – Invasions Part 2- One Year On
11/12/12  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

The aftermath of the Dominion War had left the Alpha Quadrant picking up the pieces. The major powers had drifted to rebuilt their communities in their own ways and everything looked peaceful until the Klingon Empire was subject to a great political shakeup at the hands of the vengeful, deceitful Duras. Now the Quadrant is once more thrown into the turmoil of war with 1 conflicted Starfleet Captain standing in the way of total anarchy at the hands of the Klingon Empire

Star Trek- Invasions Part 1/5- Hostilities
10/09/12  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

Captain Nicholas “Nick” Mason is battling his demons from his traumatic rise to command during the Dominion War. His assignment to the USS Legacy to continue to explore space has given him time to remember his time in a Dominion detention camp and the disaster of his first command. Now he is faced with the very real prospect of another war from an unexpected source and he doesn’t know if he can handle it. It falls to him, his wife and first officer, Commander Aleya Mason and his crew to investigate and put a stop to all hostilities

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 4- New Beginnings
10/02/12  Tags: , , , ,   Category: The Next Generation

The Enterprise damaged, the fleet on the verge of destruction, the Borg beginning to dominate. Captain Mark Smith and the Crew of the Enterprise-D begin to see only 1 way out of the dire straits. Kill the queen, rescue Picard and destroy the Borg. But with the Enterprise all but destroyed, will they be able to achieve what the Alpha Quadrant fully believes to be an impossible cause

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 3- Apocalypse Now
09/25/12  Tags: , , , , , ,   Category: The Next Generation

With Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Galaxy in the hands of the Borg, and Starfleet preparing to fight a hopeless battle against the Borg, Captain Mark Smith must choose between duty and righteousness. Duty would mean the loss of Captain Picard. Righteousness could mean the end of the Enterprise. Time is running out for the misplaced Captain to restore the timeline to any semblance of normality without getting himself erased from time.

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 2- Losses
09/21/12  Tags: , , , ,   Category: The Next Generation

With his ship, the USS Lexington, destroyed, and members of his crew captured by the Borg, Captain Mark Smith becomes part of the Enterprise-D crew. Together, Captain Smith and Captain Picard hatch a desperate plan to deceive the Borg and marshal Starfleet… with disastrous consequences for the Enterprise and the Federation

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 1 – Sacrifice
09/16/12  Tags: , , , ,   Category: The Next Generation

A Borg invasion around Stardate 77372.14 leads to the birth of a new crew of legends, commanding the newest Federation Flagship, the USS Lexington. Captain Mark Alexander Smith leads his crew in covert recon of a large Borg vessel headed for Earth. When the Borg discover and destroy his ship, Captain Smith awakes 40 years previously on the USS Enterprise (D), where an new Borg invasion is also happening. Captain Smith must work with Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to avert a temporal disaster,
NOTE: This is part 1(hopefully of about 4 or 5)
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