First Mission

Star Trek
First Mission
By:Chris Barker

Summery:This story follows the crew of the Enterprise-C on thier maiden
They are transported back in time where they encounter Captain Kirk and
the crew of the
Enterprise-A . While trying to return to there own time the crew are
thrown into the past
again where they encounter the Enterprise-B and help stop them from
being destroyed.

Part 1
Captain Rachel Garrett walked onto the bridge of her ship. They where
about to
leave spacedock to embark on there first mission. She walked to her
command chair and
sat down. Commander Anthony William’s had gotten up and moved to his
position at Ops
where he controlled most of the vital systems. The Ensign that had been
left the spot.
“Report?” Garrett asked. “Where ready to leave dock Captain,” Lieutenant
Richard Castillo
replied. “Take us out then Lieutenant,” Garrett said leaning back in her
chair. The
Enterprise NCC-1701-C powered up and moved forward using her thrusters.
Then she
was in space. “Helm set course, 142.64. warp factor 3,” Garrett ordered.
“Aye sir,” the
ship powered up and a moment later was in warp.
Lt.Commander Jerry Arsco walked into main engineering . As the head of
this staff
he was happy with his new post. They had set out for there first mission
and had been at
warp 3 for sixteen hours. The Engines where holding up fine and Jerry
had just relived,
Lieutenant Vicky Anderson his assistant chief engineer. He smiled as she
left. “My god he
thought to himself the first day on the new assignment and I already
have a crush on my
assistant,” he thought to himself. He went over to the reading boards
just outside the warp
core. He looked inside. The core pulsed with the colors of Red,and Blue.
He started to
monitor the readings.
Lt.Commander Patrick Wellton stood on alert at tactical. As the chief
officer he was responsible for all weapons and the sensors. Commander
William’s also had
control of the sensors and could reroute the weapons systems to ops
incase something
happened to Patrick. His board gave a sharp noise and Patrick hit a
button. A sensor
display popped up and showed a Klingon warship approaching. “Captain
Klingon warship
dead ahead,” Wellton spoke up. “Red Alert,” was all that Garrett said. A
second latter the
Red Alert klaxons where blaring.
Lieutenant Castillio brought the ship to a full stop allowing the
Klingon ship to
approach. “They have weapons lock,” Commander William’s announced from
“Phasers ready,loading photon torpedo bays now,” Wellton announced.
The Klingon ship approached the Enterprise with weapons locked. “Fire”
Klingon Captain said. Disrupter beams lashed out catching the
Enterprise. Sparks danced
across her shields. The Klingon ship fired again this time with photons.
“Shields down to 81 percent,” Wellton called. “Lock phasers and return
Garrett called. The yellow energy beam struck the Klingon ship.
Castillio powered up the
impulse engines by order of the Captain and took them right past the
Klingon ship flying
over it. Wellton took that moment and fired the phasers again scoring a
direct hit and then
following it up with two photon torpedoes. “There shields are down to 72
William’s called. More disrupter fire hit the Enterprise. “Shields down
to 69 percent
Captain,” Wellton announced. “Sir they are leaving,” Castillio
announced. The Klingon
warship had gone into warp. “How un-klingon,” Garrett said. “Indeed,”
William’s added.
“Begin repairs,” Garrett ordered. The crew responded to her order.
Two days later the Enterprise was in good shape having made every
repair. There
was no major damage but repairing the one hull breach had taken a full
Vicky Anderson opened the doors to her quarters and walked in. It had
been a
long day of repairing the ship. She came in and fell onto her bed. She
was dozing off when
the intercom barked, “All officers to there posts,” the voice of Captain
Garrett had called
out over the intercom. Vicky got up, got the wrinkles out of her uniform
and stepped out
into the hall.
Part 2
Captain James T. Kirk came onto the bridge of his ship. “Report?” he
said. “Some
kind of energy distortion Captain,” Spock said. “Reading are off the
scale Keptin,” Chekov
said from the helm. Kirk moved and sat down in his chair. “Full sensor
scan, Mr.Spock,”
Kirk said. “Strange readings there appears to be a starship on the other
side Federation sir,”
he said. “Uhura can you hail them?” Kirk asked. “I’m trying sir but
there’s to much
interference,” she said. “Keep trying,” Kirk said. “Sir we could launch
a probe through,”
Spock offered. “Make it so,” Kirk replied. “It will take a few hours to
make modifications,”
Spock said. “Very well you have the bridge,” Kirk replied and left
dissapering into the
turbolift. The doors shut and off he went. Spock began to modify the
probe while Chekov
backed them up a little to get at a safer distance.
Captains Log Stardate:9452.11.: We have encountered some kind of
distortion. Sensors indicate a starfleet vessel on the other side and
Spock is preparing a
special probe to attempt to communicate with the other ship. It will
take a few hours until
the probe is ready.
Four hours later Kirk was sitting in his command chair watching the
probe streak
towards the distortion. It dissaperd inside and it began to transmit the
message. “Getting
feedback from the probe,” Chekov said. “On screen, Kirk replied. The
viewscreen shifted
from the anomaly to a starship. It was a Federation ship all right but
Kirk did not know the
design. Then the letters on the saucer section of the ship could be
seen. “NCC-1701-C
USS Enterprise” Kirk said outloud.

Part 3
Through The Anomaly
Captain Garrett watched the probe emerge from the spacial anomaly. “It
is sending
out a message,” William’s said. “On speakers,” Garrett replied. “This is
James Kirk of the
starship Enterprise to the ship on the other side respond by launching
probe to the reading
of the probe you are seeing on your screen now,” the voice of Kirk said.
distortion wave where being pulled inside the anomaly,” Wellton called
out. “Shields up,
brace for impact,” Garrett called. Then the wave hit the ship. She was
buckled around and
after several more moments of a pounding returned to normal space to
find the
Enterprise-A infront of them. Garrett pulled herself to her feet after
being knocked to the
ground. “Report,” no one responded, “Wellton,” she said. The
Lt.Commander lay slumped
over his console blood pouring down his face. The console had exploded
he was dead. Her
first officer was not awake and Castillo was leaning against his control
board. She shook
him and he awoke. “Running sensor sweep now Captain,” he said. Then she
called for
more officers to come to the bridge.
Wellton was carried off to sickbay where he was placed on ice. Acting
chief tactical
officer Lieutenant James Quinn got them some sensor readings and got the
back on-line. Commander Anthony Andrews had been woken and had resumed
his post.
Chief Medical Officer Carly Heathens had insisted that he come to
sickbay but the Captain
told her to move on. “Captain Kirk on-screen,” Quinn said from tactical.
The viewscreen
changed from showing the Enterprise-A to showing the face of James
T.Kirk a living
legend. That legend had been dead for quiet sometime in Garretts
universe having died on
the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B. Quinn was running more scans from
the science
station since the tactical station was destroyed. “I am Captain James T.
Kirk and you are?”
Kirk inquired. “Captain Rachel Garrett,” the Captain responded to Kirk’s
question. They
continued to talk before reaching the conclusion to send the
Enterprise-C back so as to not
effect the time-line. “It would be a few days though before they got the
shields back
on-line. They had been fried in the trip through the anomaly. “Start
repairing the ship, top
priority is the shields and the engines,” Garrett said, “Now get to
work,” she added. She hit
the intercom, “Garrett to Arsco,” “Captain this is Anderson, Commander
Arsco is in
sickbay he was injured,” the voice of the assistant chief engineer came
back. “Your in
command then,” Garrett said. “Aye sir,” Anderson replied. “Get me
shields and engines
back on-line as quick as possible and get them to operate more
powerfully we need all of
the protection we can get,” Garrett told Vicky. “I understand Captain,”
she said. Garrett
terminated the channel. “Get me the Enterprise-A,” she said. James Kirk
came onto the
screen. “Captain there will be no more talk, and please don’t talk of
this encounter unless it
is to starfleet command,” Garrett ordered the starfleet legend who was
the same rank as
her. “Of course Captain, we will remain here until you have entered the
anomaly, Kirk
out,” the transmission ended and the viewscreen showed the older
Enterprise once again.
It took another three days before the Enterprise was ready. She powered
up her
engines and started for the anomaly. When she was inside the
Enterprise-A went to warp.
“They are inside the anomaly Captain,” Spock said. “Lay in a course for
Mr.Chekov warp factor 6,” Kirk ordered. “Aye Keptin,” Chekov replied. A
moment later
the Enterprise-A was in warp.
The Enterprise-C emerged in space. Commander William’s was dead. In one
shockwave he had been thrown into the wall cracking his head open and
breaking his neck.
He died immediately. Garrett was filled with pain at seeing her officer
dying on the first
mission. Then as to top it off they weren’t even in there own time. The
Enterprise-B hailed
After a brief chat with the Captain of the Enterprise-B, Garrett was
about to lead
her ship back through the anomaly when three Klingon battle cruisers
approached firing.
The Enterprise-B rocketed as she was hit again. Ensign Sulu brought the
around and the phasers lashed out. On the viewscreen the Enterprise-C
flew past the
Enterprise-B firing its weapons. One of the Klingon ships buckled and
was destroyed.
On the bridge of the Enterprise-C Lt.Commander Alexander Okuda was
acting first
officer. He was at ops loading the torpedo bays. He had been the second
officer but had
been sick and restricted to quarters. But when the first officer had
been killed Okuda had
been called to the bridge. His face was pale and he was still ill.
“Photons ready, Captain,”
he called. “Fire when ready,” Garrett said. The torpedoes lashed out and
struck a Klingon
ship. The Enterprise-C was shook as she was hit. The Enterprise-B fired
another Klingon ship. Then both Enterprise’s fired on the last ship
which was destroyed in
a matter of minuets.
Four days later the Enterprise-C re-entered the rift and this time did
emerge in her
own time. “Set a course for the nearest starbase warp 2,” Garrett
ordered. “Aye sir,”
Castillo said. The ship jumped into warp.


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