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For the Love of Gul Dukat

Gul Dukat and Glynn Damar are embroiled in civil war against the Fifth Order, during the Bajoran Occupation, but when two Terran females arrive in Teton Nor, it’s either Federation spies or help from a higher source – Q plays a dangerous game in the Alpha Quadrant, and everyone must play or die.

Kanar and Roses: A DS9 Love Story (Chapter 1)
07/29/17  Tags: , ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Rekelen D

An alternate DS9 storyline featuring Damar, a civilian human female doctor, and their budding romance.

Angel’s Legacy
12/01/04  Tags: , , ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Sonia Wong

What was going through Dukat’s mind in the period between Ziyal being shot, up to when he gave Sisko his baseball back? Based on the seventh season episode “Sacrifice of the Angels.”