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Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 Lucy tromped her way along a narrow path through an overgrown field, an irrepressible skip in her step and a giddy smile glued on her face. She had to step high and hold her voluminous skirts up with both hands to keep their fringes out of the wet grass and mud, but if […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 “She’s stable,” said the Doctor. “That’s the good news.” “All right,” said Chakotay, “What’s the bad?” They stood in the Doctor’s office in sickbay, looking out the window at Ensign Kang where she lay on a sickbay bed, still unconscious. Kes was sitting at her bedside watching the biomonitor. “It appears the ensign […]

Suddenly Human
09/14/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Jessica Wilson

This takes place towards the beginning of season two. The doctor and Kes get taken away by a mysterious race to their ship where they meet a surprising vistor. Meanwhile, Voyager is trying to work together with a race which says it was taken by the Caketaker as well.