Stories by: Chris Barker
A Fall From Grace
08/16/98  Tags: ,   Category: Miscellaneous

In an Alternate Timeline, The Klingons overthrow the Humans, enslave the human race. Eric Dawson joins a Rebellion against the Klingons.

Voyage into the Nebula
11/26/97  Tags: ,   Category: The Next Generation

The Enterprise searches a nebula for a Romulan Warbird, and finds a Wormhole. Takes place after First Contact.

First Mission
07/24/97  Tags: , ,   Category: Crossover

his story follows the crew of the Enterprise-C on thier maiden voyage. They are transported back in time where they encounter Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise-A . While trying to return to there own time the crew are thrown into the past again where they encounter the Enterprise-B and help stop them from being destroyed.

Space Station Mir
03/01/96  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

When someone travels back through time, and destroyes the Space Station Mir, and thus also destroying a legend, the Atlantis is sent back in time to repair the damage.