Stories by: Andrew Janewski
Shadow Beneath The Sun
07/23/12  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

Shadow beneath the Sun After the defeat of the Iconian Empire* in 2440, the last of Iconia’s Milky Way allies followed them home to Andromeda Galaxy. There, they formed a terrorist group named Shadow beneath the Sun. Here is the story of four individuals wanting to escape their masters once and for all. August 17, […]

Son of Jetrel

Son of Jetrel Talaxian Colony Rinax II, April 17 2459, Alpha Quadrant The comm system in Neelix’s office booted up. “Ambassador Neelix, we’re being hailed by Starfleet. It’s the U.S.S. Counterpoint. Should I route it through to you?” Neelix was a Talaxian whom Admiral Janeway, or at the time, Captain Kathryn Janeway, met in the […]

Back with A Vengeance

Back With a Vengeance Admiral Cyrus Lyctan was on his porch on Zirconic Prime.  He was a tall, thin Betazoid, and had served many years in Starfleet.  He had accomplished many things in his time; reunited the Federation and the Klingon Empire, helped the Zirconians to become an independent species, assembled his own personal fleet, […]