Stories by: Delta Story
Crystal Blue Persuasion
01/27/00  Tags:   Category: Voyager

An away team finds some mysterious stones, and asks Janeway for her expertise. In the course of her examination, she finds herself taking a trip into her inner self.

Flying Without a Safety Net
01/27/00  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Chakotay consoles Janeway after she receives a Dear John letter from Mark. (epilogue to the episode Hunters)

Love Games
01/27/00  Tags:   Category: Voyager

Strange gifts keep popping up aboard Voyager — all for the Captain… maybe!

Poker Face
01/27/00  Tags:   Category: Voyager

Tuvok and Ensign Mize teach each other a few new tricks…

Even Starfleet Captains Get the Blues
08/16/98  Tags:   Category: Voyager

Janeway suffers a Karma Crash.

Monsters in the Replicator
05/03/98  Tags: , , ,   Category: Voyager

Several of Voyager’s stalwarts play along in a new twist to an age-old game, and a good time is had by all. (Harry ends up with two women, and even stays alive!)

That Was a River
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Prequel/sequel to Dinner with Seven — all the missing Janeway/Chakotay parts!

Fruitful Persuasion
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

What happens when Janeway and Chakotay run into each other in search of a midnight snack?

Twilight in Tuscany
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Epilogue to the episode Scientific Method. Tuvok joins Janeway in Tuscany for that promised shared glass of wine — and more!

12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

A flight of fancy into the fantasy of past and future — and Janeway and Chakotay, of course!

One is the Loneliest Number
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Janeway’s fear of intimacy is revealed a Chakotay gently peels away the concealing layers of self-control and guilt.

Dinner with Seven
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Seven of Nine discovers that mealtime is for more than the assimilation of food.

12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

A tale in which sweat, bathtubs and disobeying orders play prominent roles…

Mind Games
12/30/97  Tags:   Category: Voyager

A post Scorpion, Part I, pre Scorpion, Part II story, in which Janeway realizes that… resistance is futile. Twisted and terrifying!

The Leola Plant: A User’s Guide
12/30/97  Tags:   Category: Voyager

Voyager’s crew sums up the many uses of the versatile leola plant…

Hidden Agenda
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Chakotay finds a way to liven up those boring staff meetings!

Sex, Sighs and Holotapes
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Seven little lessons for Janeway and Chakotay, via a 20th century subspace temporal anamoly…

Getting the Ending Right
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Janeway is presented with three scenarios regarding the love of her life. Will the final ending re-create events in history, or create history of its own?

Parting Gifts
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Kes’ departure from Voyager brings bittersweet farewells all around; but she leaves special gifts with Janeway and Chakotay.