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Star Trek TOS: The Tended Garden

Author’s Note – Fascinated by the strange goings on in the BBC’s CBeebies TV programme In The Night Garden (having a young son means one watches such kids’ programmes!),  I suddenly was struck by inspiration and penned the following story as a crossover between Kirk-era Trek and In The Night Garden – I believe this […]

What would Kirk do and other insights into leading in the business world

 As I sit here on a plane parked at a gate at  DFW international airport, my plane is delayed because the captain cannot get the lock on the cockpit to work. I am not sure of the exact reasoning that this has delayed the flight. My assumption is after sept 11, the functionality of the […]

Generation Gab
07/13/11  Tags: , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Jay Andrew

Generation Gab  By Jay Andrew Dealing with a midlife crisis, Captain Jean-Luc Picard undergoes some pretty tough therapy in the holodek … from a surprising therapist.    “You’re a wuss, Picard!” “I beg your pardon?” said the captain of the Enterprise,dragging his right palm back across his smooth, white fuzz-fringed pate. “Wuss, Picard. W-U-S-S. Late 20th Century coloke for […]

12/03/05  Tags: , ,
Category: The Original Series  By: John H. Burkitt

A lifeless planet around a star about to go nova is covered with mysterious structures that may have been made by sentient life long ago. And one strange energy signature…

Star Trek and the Birthday Party
04/20/05  Tags: , , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Brandon Dilbeck

Captain Picard is invited to his birthday party, but he is surprised what happens at the surprise party.

I am the Dreamer
03/20/05  Tags: , , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Brian Trotter

Things aren’t right in the Star Trek Universe. People and events are being switched at a moment’s whim. Archer finds himself with Spock as he tries to get out of a crossfire between the Xindi and the Borg. Admiral Kirk decides to retire from Starfleet and let’s Captain Decker run the USS Enterprise-A for a while. Picard materializes aboard the USS Enterprise-B just before it’s pulled into the Nexus Ribbon. And a wormhole switches Sisko and Janeway from their ships just before a Dominion fleet attacks. Who has messed with the timeline? Can the combined crews of the Enterprises, DS9 and Voyager stop it? And why are Q and Harry Mudd working together? One thing’s for sure: This is only the beginning …

Union of Treks III: Degenerations
01/18/05  Tags: ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Silk

The story continues 18 months later…

Three to Beam Up
11/30/04  Tags: , ,
Category: The Original Series  By: LKillingsworth

A missing scene from “the Empath”, after the Vyanns disappear with Gem, but before we next see Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the bridge.

Could This Day Get Any Better
09/22/04  Tags: , ,
Category: The Original Series  By: A.C. Harper

Kirk wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. What could go wrong?

The Long Way Home
09/12/04  Tags: , , ,
Category: The Original Series  By: A.C. Harper

Stranded on an alien planet, Spock and a female officer from his past fight to survive, while Captain Kirk races to uncover a plot that threatens interstellar war. Will he be able to avert the crisis and get back to the planet in time to save them?