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Star Trek Anthology: The Tall Ferengi
11/20/17  Tags: , , , , ,
Category: Deep Space Nine  By: Jardred

On star base DS9 after a long shift Chief O’Brian was sitting on the last of the bar stools at Quark’s bars as he dedicated to get something to eat before heading home he saw that Worf ad Dax was sitting at a table not too far away and a few patrons were at the […]

Ferengi 2.0 (first draft, comments welcome)
08/09/17  Tags: , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Peter Quinn

The Ferengi never lived up to their potential in any series and are often seen as a joke. With a few changes they could truly show a different worldview that could compete with the human (Federation) view. I will present my ideas in the form of a story. The setting is a bar, like Quark’s […]

Quicksand, Part III

A prisoner of the USS Heisenberg reveals her intentions for its first officer. Under pressure and suspicion, he must make a choice between his career as a Starfleet officer and the principles he is sworn to uphold.

Quicksand, Part II

A distress beacon leads the crew of the USS Heisenberg to bring a Ferengi merchant aboard whose motives are more complicated than they first appear. The sudden appearance of a hazardous spatial anomaly threatens the safety of the ship.

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Nine

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER NINE – San Francisco and Wedding Plans Pat is surprised at how much has changed, around San Francisco during the intervening years. “It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been here! I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to locate any of my old haunts!”, she comments to […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Five

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER FIVE – Celebrations at DS9 Patricia steps through the airlock of Deep Space Nine and looks about the Promenade. The place is bustling with activity in preparation for celebrating the anniversary of the Defeat of the Dominion. She is surprised to see Bajorans and Cardassians working side-by-side on various […]